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20 Worst Engineering Disasters in History Amazing history

20 Worst Engineering Disasters in History Amazing history


20 Worst Engineering Disasters in History

14 Worst Engineering Disasters of All Time. By. Unbelievable Facts

The aftermath of the East Ohio Gas Explosion at East 61st Street. Wikimedia Commons.

The SS Sultana steamboat explosion near Memphis, Tennessee in 1865 is the worst maritime disaster in the US history, but it did not get a lot of media ...

St. Francis Dam (1928)

Worst Engineering Disasters in History - Episode 20

Famous Engineering Disasters: The RMS Titanic

Worst 8 Disasters in Global History by Deaths Per Second

The aftermath of the Boston Molasses Disaster (c. 1919). Wikimedia Commons.

Worst Engineering Disasters in History - Episode 3

20 Worst Engineering Disasters in History

7. The Johnstown Flood, wherein the South Fork Dam collapsed after being altered to suit the purposes of the local fishing club, killed more than a thousand ...

13. Quebec Bridge

... worst engineering disasters in U.S. history. 2 of 11. Hyatt Regency walkway collapse (1981)

Death Toll Approaches 23 in the Worst Disaster in Santa Barbara History

The 6 Biggest Engineering Mistakes of the 20th Century

Tacoma Narrows Bridge (1940)

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Worst Engineering Disasters in History - Episode 19

The Sultana on fire, as illustrated in Harper's Weekly on May 20, 1865. Wikimedia Commons.

20 Worst Engineering Disasters in History


disasters. The worst rail disaster in British history ...

Engineering disasters

Illustration for article titled These Are Some Of The Worst Architectural Disasters in History

20 Worst Engineering Disasters in History

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Even though the year isn't over yet, 2012 will go down in the history books as having some powerful and even record breaking natural disasters.

The deadliest bridge disaster in US history was caused by a tiny crack just three millimeters deep

St. Francis Dam: Worst U.S. Engineering Disaster of the 20th Century – Sometimes Interesting

World's 20 Deadliest Tornadoes; Worst Tornadoes in US History ...

Photographic stereo view features a construction crew repairing a bridge damaged in a flood, Johnstown

The 25 Greatest Disaster Movies of All Time

Floodpath: The Deadliest Man-Made Disaster of 20th-Century America and the Making of Modern Los Angeles 1st Edition

Worst Engineering Disasters in History - Episode 5

Bunker Hill Mine

The sinking of Wilhelm Gustloff is considered as the worst maritime disaster in terms of life lost in a single sinking in the maritime history.

Six engineering disasters from the archives

PHOTO: Residences leveled by the wildfire line a neighborhood in Paradise, Calif.,

The June 2012 Derecho was one of the most damaging thunderstorm complexes in recent history. This surprise storm produced wind speeds over 90 mph and hail ...

The deadliest structural failure in history killed 170,000—and China tried to cover it up

Deadliest disasters: The worst in Upstate New York's history

Nuclear detonation

SS Sultana: The Worst Disaster in US Maritime History | Season 20 Episode 8 | Kentucky Life | PBS

Looking back on the 1998 ice storm 20 years later

The Tenerife Airport Disaster is the deadliest aviation crash in history

Deepwater Horizon PDF Earl Boebert Harvard University Press In 2010 BP s Deepwater Horizon catastrophe

The Atlantic Telegraph Cable Failure – When the Engineering Failure Is Related to Spooky Activities

Learning from Seoul's Sampoong Department Store disaster – a history of cities in 50 buildings, day 44

File history

The Queen of The Sea train crash in Sri Lanka is the worst train disaster in railroad history in terms of lives lost.

History's Worst Nuclear Disasters

Paul G. "Dick" Hornbuckle's car rests where it skidded to a stop just 14 inches from the edge of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, which was struck by the ...

Valdivia, Chile

Venezuela is the biggest economic disaster in modern history

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The search lasted for seven days and covered more than 180000 square miles of ocean.

The disintegration of Space Shuttle Challenger, watched live by nearly 20% of Americans, was caused by a flawed engine design that was willfully ignored by ...

St. Francis Dam Construction

Modern Marvels Engineering Disasters 20

20th century battles: the worst military disasters. operation

Slide 3 of 20: Featherston Military Camp (1916). Archives New Zealand (

illustration for The Worst Computer Bugs in History: The Ariane 5 Disaster blog post ...

Pripyat - abandoned since 26 April 1986 Chernobyl disaster

Deutschland | 20. Jahrestag Bahnunglück Eschede (picture-alliance/dpa/Keystone/

The 10 Worst Energy-Related Disasters Of Modern Times

9 Common Reasons for Bridge Failures

The sinking of the Titanic is history's most epic sea disaster and the topic of endless books, feature films and documentaries.


Atomic Accidents: A History of Nuclear Meltdowns and Disasters: From the Ozark Mountains to Fukushima 1st Edition

1871: The Great Chicago Fire

A destroyed battle tank and buildings (background) on the streets of the city remain as witnesses to the intensity of the Battle of Stalingrad.

Top 10 Worst Floods in US History

Lower Otay Dam Disaster

5 natural disasters that devastated the US in 2018

The biggest software failures in recent history | Gallery | Computerworld UK

20 Worst Engineering Disasters in History

The lessons learnt from the sinking of RMS Titanic led to major improvements in maritime safety. Image courtesy of dugnycity.

This incident is the worst nuclear power plant accident in history and the only of the level 7 on the International Nuclear Event Scale, resulting in a ...

Deemed to be virtually unsinkable, she sank nonetheless, despite engineering designed to keep the ship afloat.