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A little selfcare reminder for you this dreary Monday your writing

A little selfcare reminder for you this dreary Monday your writing


A little self-care reminder for you this dreary Monday: your writing is getting

When your body says no: A reminder for self care.

You are worthy of love #shortquote #quotes #dailyreminder - inspirational quotes, quotes about love, short quote, quotes, self love, self care, ...


It's so important to make time for your well-being. This daily self-care checklist has the simple things you should be doing every day to take care of ...

Self-care, the practice of taking action to preserve or improve your own mental and physical health, has never been more popular. That said, keeping up with ...

So, if you've allowed your self-care to fall off the list of priorities, keep reading for some simple practices you can implement today to re-start your ...

My Morning Self-Care Routine

I want to focus on self-care this year, something which is vital to every aspect of my life (motherhood, work and relationships) yet so often gets relegated ...

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Self-care quotes that remind us why setting boundaries is important for mental health and long lasting positivity in one's life. You control your own ...


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Wedding planning reminders -- The "just don'ts," self care,

improving your mood is the new self-care



Have you ever wondered if owning a pet is good for you? Who wants to

Here are 15 reminders to help you (and me) put self-care first.

"Boring self-care"

'Boring Self-Care' Drawings Celebrate Everyday Mental Health Victories | HuffPost

7 reasons why a retreat needs to be part of your annual self-care regime

Self-Care: A Working Definition

[Image description: a collaged, mind-map style newsletter that's clearly handmade resting

self care tips drawn by sa final2.jpg

photo by Phan Tien Photography

Draw Stronger: Self-Care For Cartoonists and Other Visual Artists: Kriota Willberg: 9781941250235: Books - Amazon.ca

Boring Self-Care Chart

Trying Saying 'Thank You' Instead of Saying 'Sorry'

[Image text, a little green robot saying, "Annual reminder: The holidays are a tough time for a lot of people. Please check on your friends." Source.]

25 Things to Put in Your Self-Care Kit

Aloe Bud is a cutesy self-care app (it's styled with retro-pixel graphics in pastel hues set against a soothing teal backdrop) that sends you encouraging ...

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As you grow your writing platform and market your book, talk about your work in progress. Tell your friends and family about it.

Here are our short story ideas and how to utilize them effectively:

one song about self - love and self - care

The best morning routine infographic | things to do before 8 am | Productivity tips |

Practicing Self-Care When You Feel Overwhelmed

Spruce up your work space

If you can think ahead for what types of meals you want to make each day and plan for meals with common ingredients, your grocery shop will be a success!

Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care at Work

Ok time for some self care. With the swollen river lapping at my backdoor after

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Take Care of You

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by Angela James. “

Not all websites will have this but many that are primarily content usually have a means for you to write for them, as seen in the example below from ...

"Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It" is a powerful short book written by Kamal Ravikant that will give you helpful perspectives and techniques that ...

Self-care for Creative Entrepreneurs (or for anyone, really is a bit of

Don't make it a chore

Every morning, I get up way earlier than I need to and practice a self-care routine. I'm going to describe each piece of my morning routine and explain why ...

Jul 3 The impact of harsh comments: My confession of buying into bullshit and why you should do the opposite!

Use digital reminders or post-it notes on your computer to remind you of other activities you might enjoy more than scrolling through a social media feed.

The first sketch of what would later become the Hip Sobriety website. Italy, June

Is this self-care_.jpg

As said by Eleanor Brownn 'Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.' We couldn't agree more be the healthiest version of yourself ...

nonfiction writing prompts

It's been a rough few days — overcast weather, doctors appointments, tough conversations — so I decide it's time to devote a day self-care. I narrow my eyes ...

Did you like what you've read? This article is an extract from 101 Tiny Changes to Brighten Your Day (Icon Books) by Ailbhe Malone, out now.

How to Develop a Self-Care Routine


Self-care for Creative Entrepreneurs (or for anyone, really is a bit of

how to finish writing a book

When you struggle to change someone or hold unrealistic expectations, you cause yourself suffering, and you diminish your relationship with this person.

Self-Care Your Way to Better Grades

How Not to Fall Apart: Lessons Learned on the Road from Self-Harm to Self-Care: Maggy van Eijk: 9780143133490: Amazon.com: Books


Self-Care and Wellness Pledge Results

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Jayne Hardy on Instagram: “BOUNDARIES // When I was writing 'The Self-Care Project', the bits that resonated deeply with me, were the bits about boundaries ...

Photo Credit: University of Liverpool

Guide To Self Care grandmother advice ...

Self-Care With Writers

Being alone and being lonely are two entirely different things. Being alone and being happy stems from loving the life you have created from yourself.

Write Your Journey Retreat, Yoga Shala .


Or maybe taking a break in the grass is your idea of self-care!

I'm Not Your Boring Newspaper Vol. 6 No.

Illustration for article titled Why You Should Keep a Journal (and How to Start Yours

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HABI.org has some great reasons for owning a dog. Maybe you can relate

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