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Baby and watchful Mom Animals Matter Cute baby animals Bear

Baby and watchful Mom Animals Matter Cute baby animals Bear


Baby and watchful Mom!

Wild life photography bears family

mom and baby brown bears

Beautiful Mother Bear and Two Cubs!

Cute MOM and BABY BEARS Photo Print, Baby Animal Photography, Wildlife Photograph, Nursery Art, Moth

Mom will catch you.

Grizzly bear cub climbed the tree to get his mom's nose

Mama bear protecting her baby!

Dangerous animals caught being adorable (25 Photos) More. Find this Pin and more on Baby Bears ...

Rite of spring: Cute animal babies

Mama and baby bear biting each other simutaniously- how cute is this.

Мамочка! Как я тебя люблю! Lucy Wiley · mother and child animals

#NationalGeographic #PolarBears #BearCubs

Baby Polar Bear Takes Adorable First Steps

Baby orangutan Photo: Roslan Rahman/Getty Images

Watchful Mother Bear by David & Shiela Glatz Via Flickr: First time we've seen this mother bear at Silver Salmon Creek. She had her first litter of cubs ...

Born just before Christmas, Britain's polar bear cub is the first in 25 years

Three Alaska grizzly bear cubs orphaned when their mother was killed, will soon be calling the Detroit Zoo home. Hungry baby ...

Brave Little Baby Bears Try to Find the Best Tree to Climb While Under Their Mother's Watchful Eye

Baby wolverines skansen zoo 2

Orphaned Baby Black Bear Finds Refuge With California Rescue Center

Hamish, the five month old polar bear cub at the Highland Wildlife Park at Kincraig

Reticulated Giraffe

Zoo Babies

Saint Louis Zoo

White-Handed Gibbon

Photo provided by the Denver Zoo


(c) Suzanna Spencer

Spring Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) cubs (twin sisters) enjoy a nap, while their mother looms in the background.

Grizzly Bear

Meet Makena, the Zoo's Newest Addition

Dolphin calf and mother

Animal keeper Karen Abbott snapped this photo of Andean bear mom Billie Jean as she was bringing some new hay into the den to freshen her nest.

Baby Hippopotamuses Nearly Dro... is listed (or ranked) 10 on the

This is the second litter for the mother. She proved to be an excellent mother to her first litter of pups, so keepers are optimistic about the outlook for ...

Our Andean bear cubs have names! Fans elected to name Cub 1 Mayni, a moniker that in the Aymara language means “unique." The name selected for Cub 2 was ...

Lemur Troop Baby Boom

Ayu Rosalina, a two-day old baby Sumatran Elephant, stands near her mother at Conservation Response Unit (CRU) in Ulu Masen, Aceh Jaya, Aceh, Indonesia, ...

Mama bears attack first and ask questions later if they think their babies are being threatened in any way whatsoever.

Baby Red Panda Goes For a Crisp Autumn Stroll With Her Mom Around Their Habitat at

Baby crocodile

2_The zoo welcomed an adorable baby vicuña on 27 March to mother Gretchen and new male

#7: Red Fox

Greater Kudu


No photo description available.

Mum Victoria had her baby at the end of a stressful two-year period

No, these two adorable cubs were truly stuck in the middle of the lake, and time was running out.


In photos: The stunning power of grizzly bear battles

Saint Louis Zoo on Twitter: "Cheetah Cubs Update: The playful siblings turned 10 weeks old this week. Mom, Bingwa, keeps a watchful eye on the active cubs ...

Brown Bears Pause from Feeding by David & Shiela Glatz Via Flickr: Brown Bear mother and cub (Ursus arctos) pause from feeding in a sedge grass meadow.


Baby Lemurs Indianapolis Zoo

Golden Eagle Chicks Are Essent... is listed (or ranked) 11 on

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Ranger Rick Panda Quake March 2016 2

Keeper Karen Abbot captured this stunning photo of the bear family including mom, Billie Jean, who continues to keep ...

african wild dogs, father's day

In the wild, a mother bear must determine when it is safe to start giving her young a little more freedom and keeping a less watchful eye.

How Brit zookeepers taught polar bears how to have sex – and delivered the UK's first polar bear baby in 25 years

This tiny bear cub's climbing skills are too much to handle

A trio of elephants stand under a tree, with one of them standing up on

Ray's Remarkable Legacy

Baby elephant at Twycross Zoo.

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golden lion tamarin

Baby Crocodiles Must Be Dug Ou... is listed (or ranked) 9

Baby Wolverines Are Not So Fierce

Coyote Peterson Narrowly Avoids an Encounter With a Protective Grizzly Bear and Her Cubs

Laurie wanted to do more – see more places, go for more hikes, see more glaciers. Luckily for her we had space on our next trip, which (also luckily for ...

Shying away: Footage shows the cub jumping back and nearly running back to its mother

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Every year 3-4 million cats and dogs are euthanized in animal shelters and of those pets that end up in the shelter, only 2-5% of cats find their way back ...

The wildlife park which Victoria calls home has more space devoted to its polar bear population

Max and Mila's Amazing Bonding

I lost my beautiful wonderful kitty Carmel today after a long battle with pancreatitis. She passed at home this afternoon at 2:56 PM. My mom and myself were ...

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Baby rhino with mother

Andean bear mom Billie Jean has her paws full, literally! Animal keeper Karen Abbott reports that in addition to carrying her cubs by their scruff, ...

'We're wild about our mums': From hippos to lemurs, animals all over the world gear up for Mother's Day with shows of affection ~ dailyanimalfwd

Hi I'm Bella. Come visit me at Montana Grizzly Encounter!

Bear watching in Alaska at Pack Creek on Admiralty Island

Ranger Rick Panda Quake March 2016 3

White Wolf : Adorable moment polar bear cub plucks up the courage to go for a dip (Photos)

Wildlife encounter by Erin Pennings for Hike it Baby

Swimming: Mr Chernyh said: 'The little cub didn't look so sure

A Bengal tiger cub intimates with its mother at a wild zoo in Jinan, capital of east China's Shandong Province. Four two-month-old Bengal tiger cubs debut ...

Cute, But Helpless

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Animal Totems | Land Animals | Dog

With ...

'Baby Woodland II' Painting Print on Wrapped Canvas