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French fashion antique doll and early doll with deep shoulder plate

Finding out who your doll is, and who is the maker isn't always easy. This guide is about identifying a porcelain doll.

Some antique dolls are just special, and you know it when you find them, even when they are not whole. Moira is such a doll. I found her as a shoulder-head ...

There's a Psychological Reason Dolls Are So Spooky

You ...

Antique bisque bebe doll

American Girl Fail: It doesn't have to be this way.

The doll is now up for sale on eBay while banished to the shed after terrifying the family (Image: Mercury Press & Media)

The Guide to Vintage Barbie Dolls

How to Tell If Your Doll Is Vintage

Porcelain Doll Girl

As a child, my dolls were my best friends. When I confided in them, I knew they would never tell. They were the ideal guests for tea parties and the perfect ...

How to Tell Antique From Reproduction Dolls

She looks different from my other ABG dolls. Therefore, in my opinion, the Currier & Ives doll is a Hertwig factory doll, and not an ABG doll.

This article first appeared in Make: Volume 41. Don't have this issue? Get it in the Maker Shed.

I also like to have a method for choosing names for dolls as they come to me. My first china doll is not really an antique, but is a vintage reproduction ...

Lisa See Talks 'China Dolls', History, and the Pesky Definition of "Women's Fiction"

Antique doll

On the pleasure and longing associated with storied possessions

The global perception that South Korean women have perfect skin underlies a nation where women are


Chinese performing arts

He Jiankui, a Chinese researcher, at the Human Genome Editing Conference in Hong Kong on Wednesday, November 28, 2018. He claims to have made the world's ...

People don't always broadcast their true intentions, so any of us can be

Truly Me™ Doll #78 + Truly Me Accessories

LOL Surprise! dolls: the must-have festive toy of your capitalist nightmares

10 secrets to have naturally beautiful porcelain skin The china doll look has always been attractive for many girls, who dream about naturally beautiful ...

Dawn of the sexbots

Porcelain Doll Blonde Girl ...

Truly Me™ Doll #79 + Truly Me Accessories

Woman working in a doll repair shop, Dresden, Saxony, Germany

A guide to the Asian selfie apps that make you look slimmer, fairer, and overall more beautiful

Her name is "Chuckles," and the manufacturer was Century Dolls. These marks should give you enough information to browse ebay or price guides to acquire ...

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Doll with a dead fetus' spirit? How Hongkongers have embraced Thai occult charms | South China Morning Post

... where I can find out about it? I have tried many sites. She is 11 inches tall and did have a pearl necklace. She just sits in a box in my loft.

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Cabbage patch kid doll


What is the best souvenir to bring from your tour to Russia? Undoubtedly, a Matryoshka - a Russian wooden doll with smaller dolls stacked within the bigger ...

Is it OK for a white kid to dress up as Moana for Halloween? And other cultural appropriation questions

This German-made bisque doll is worth $100 to $200 in today's market. (Photo courtesy of Jane Alexiadis)

Figure out even more details on "baby doll collectibles". Browse through our website

How to Identify the Year a Barbie Doll Was Manufactured

Photo of China Doll - Chicago, IL, United States ...

The Doll People

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Terrified family 'haunted by doll' lock toy in shed after husband was 'attacked' in night before waking with scratches - Mirror Online

1960-1961 Mattel #4 Blonde Ponytail in an Original (2) Piece Pink Pajama Set. Sold for $200 via The Gallery at Knotty Pine (December 2014).

I am trying to get more information about this doll that was handed down to us. We have searched a little, but can't determine the brand or value.

Photo of China Doll - Chicago, IL, United States. My order while in

Dorothy was my first antique china doll, as you read in a previous post, and as a Pet Name china, she brought her name with her. Aurora took her name from ...

If you have pale skin, you'll know how hard it is to find makeup shades that will compliment your complexion.

Discover the Value of Your Dolls

Under Wraps, series four in the popular line of collectible dolls from MGA Entertainment. This time, kids must put their detective skills ...

Makie Dolls — Alice Taylor. Our product is Makies, the ...

This is not the case with this particular doll. Dolls with kid bodies may occasionally have the manufacturer marks hidden under the kid leather which covers ...

The great thing about the internet is that it is a great equalizer. You don't need a multi-million dollar marketing budget to convince consumers that you ...

China Dolls: A Novel

She is wearing a red velvet dress and cape. Identifying the Maker of a Porcelain Doll

I normally want to turn my inventory every three months (i.e. sell out of it). Most Chinese Suppliers tend to have minimum orders of around $5,000.

We put Makies live in minimum viable product in mid-2012. We experimented with skin color by boiling all-white printed dolls in tea and coffee.

Photo of China Doll - Chicago, IL, United States

Wonderful Blonde #1 Boxed Barbie. Sold for $6,600 via Morphy Auctions (April 2013).

The head of one rental-relative company described the service as “human affection expressed through the form of the family.”

Manufactured in China in 1999. Look for features that may indicate a Barbie doll ...

Fake LOL Doll Listing

Have you ever wandered up and down the cosmetic aisle looking for your next product, but get stuck asking yourself, “How do I determine my skin tone?

Truly Me™ Doll #66 + Truly Me Accessories

Why fake news on social media travels faster than the truth

How to Find High Quality Suppliers on Alibaba

I just want to identify my great grandmother's doll.

Absolutely beautiful doll by Kestner porcelain factory. Desirable mold 167. The girl is 22

This image is reportedly associated with the Momo Challenge social media phenomenon. (Police Service of Northern Ireland / Facebook)

American Girl Barbie Doll. Sold for $180 via Morphy Auctions (March 2014).

amz chrome extension for amazon sales data

A bronze figure of the infant Buddha from 17th century China sold for even more: €3,472.

Does my child have sensory processing disorder?

Domo Daruma

Photo of China Doll - Chicago, IL, United States. Inside of egg roll

Truly Me™ Doll #75 + Everyday Accessories

Cabbage Patch Kids Clothes, Vintage Sewing Patterns, Doll Patterns, Clothing Patterns, Antique

American Girl Molly McIntire.jpg

'A Wrinkle in Time': What Is a Tesseract, and Why Does It Sound Familiar?

... find out information about her that way either. If anybody can help me find out who made her and if she had a name too it would be very appreciated.

A color photo of a family in which the father is blurred and black-and

This is not true of all original dresses........as they were children's toys.....and they cut the tags off as you would in a dress that an adult would ...

Lime Crime displayed at a Riley Rose store. Getty Images for Riley Rose

How Disney's "Mulan" Brazenly Challenges Gender and Sexuality

In the run up to Christmas, make sure to keep an eye out and don