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Distinct from the increasing acceleration of digital culture Soft

Distinct from the increasing acceleration of digital culture Soft


Distinct from the increasing acceleration of digital culture, Soft(er) creates spaces to

Distinct from the increasing acceleration of digital culture, Soft(er) creates spaces to come back to yourself. Come discover more about our vi…





Note: Arrows denote statistically significant changes. Figure 1: Proportion of organisations that report




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More than half of digitally maturing companies are pushing decision-making authority down into lower

Softer understands and interprets the world through human experience and empathy. Distinct from the increasing


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The 21st century has witnessed the liberation of publishing practices. Digital technologies have brought the printing press to the masses.


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Daniele Fiandaca

“A novel highly stable and injectable hydrogel based on a conformationally restricted ultrashort peptide” | Scientific Reports


... pattern as 2018: a soft first half with a particularly weak first quarter, followed by a robust second half, supported by a meaningful 5G acceleration.”

Laser Light Synth Brighton Digital Festival

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30 IllustrationbyCharlesWilliams; 33.

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Quantitative analysis of tissue area, mitochondria, autophagic vacuoles, and intercellular junctions present in


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(a) Low dose of LPS increased microglia viability whereas higher doses triggered cell death. Primary rat microglia were stimulated with increasing ...

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The Critical Few: Working with Your Culture to Change It

Mark Parker Nike Investor Day

Creativity Theme Again

Figure 7.1 Cultural Diamond for New Media

Kurz erklärt: Agile Arbeit

Jun 1, 2019

Herd immunity threshold in liquid culture as a function of bacterial growth.

News Catalogue 2019 - Catifa with tactile qualities for a softer environment.

Cognizant - Banking and Finacial Services

Use the downturn to accelerate large-scale change. Even when companies recognize the disruptive threats and the need to transform, they often underestimate ...

20170825 operations AccomAlternatives1

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Figure 12: Krebs Cycle of Creativity (Oxman, ...

EY - How the biggest bank in Singapore is driving digital innovation in Southeast Asia - EY - Singapore

“In North America, financial assets are a major growth driver at the moment. In Europe and Asia, real estate is most important.


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Digital transformation - latest statistics

Application of platelet-rich plasma with stem cells in bone and periodontal tissue engineering | Bone Research

Figure 16.1 Measuring religion.

Irish property prices are set to rise by at least 8% in 2017, with


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Jörg Heiser, Cristina Ricupero, Gahee Park (Eds.)Divided We Stand 9th Busan Biennale 2018

AER participates in the launch of 'Cities & Regions for Integration' Initiative

K-Pop by John Lie

Glasgow School of Simulation and Visualisation

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The Quantumness of Archipelagos: A proposal to design & imagine alternative tomorrows using the…

The effects of a strong audio brand reach beyond short-lived annual events like the Super Bowl. This year's adverts showed a large increase in the amount of ...

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KPI's alone are not the best suited for family offices. But tracking these alongside soft

Organizational culture is fundamental in attracting and retaining top IT talent

Figure 5. Warren Neidich, Duende Drawing (Detail), 2014-2015.

In October, the International Monetary Fund lowered growth forecasts for emerging markets ...