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Distracted driving is more than just using cell phones for calls or

Distracted driving is more than just using cell phones for calls or


Dangerous times. Shutterstock

Distracted driving: Everyone hates it, but most of us do it, study finds

Texting and Driving Statistics: How Mobile Phone Distraction Causes Accidents

Avoid dangerous distractions while out on the road.

More than half of parents say they text while driving

Businesswoman using cell phone while driving

DISTRACTED DRIVER: Studies found that drivers distracted by cell phones are more oblivious to changing traffic conditions.

Studies suggest that about two-thirds of drivers admit to engaging in smartphone activities while driving.

Distracted driving is more than just using cell phones for calls or texting. It can

California Road Laws: Distracted Driving. March 13, 2018. Cell phone driving

Cell Phones and Texting: Distracted Driving Laws in Kansas

By Steve Casner

Smart phone using driver in action

Drivers and Legislators Dismiss Cellphone Risks

Close call with a young distracted driver. teens-crash-causation.jpg

Distracted drivers in Manitoba will face licence suspension, tripling of fine. If you're caught driving while using a cellphone ...

Cell phones are amazing devices that keep us connected to just about anyone and anything. But when people try to do more than just drive while behind the ...

A phone secured within a vehicle can be used to map a route, but only if it's mounted in the right spot and doesn't distract the driver's eye from the road.

More than 3,000 people are killed on U.S. roads every year in distracted driving crashes, the federal government reports. Cell phone use is a common driver ...

Cell Phones and Texting: Distracted Driving Laws in Hawaii

Picture of Bus and truck with no talking on cell phone

A B.C. judge ruled that the presence of a cellphone within sight of a driver is not enough to secure a conviction for distracted driving. (CBC)

Distratcted driving & cell phones

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This is a really old phone.

Proposed bill would make it illegal to use a cell phone while driving in North Carolina

using cell phone while driving against law

10 Pragmatic Reasons That Will Make You Stop Texting and Driving Today

Do Motorists Now Face $999 Fines and 3-Year Suspensions for Using Cellphones While Driving? A number of ...

On a national level, drivers are 10 percent more distracted this year than last. And from out under the shadows, Phone Addicts have positioned themselves as ...

Samsung has a new auto-reply app for avoiding distracted driving

Turns Out, a Horrifying Number of People Use Their Phones While Driving

Girl talking on the phone while driving - Thompson Enterprises

AAA: Hands-Free Devices Don't Solve Distracted Driving Dangers

No, we're not talking about distracted driving. It's actually poisoning you with toxic levels of noxious chemicals.

Apple screengrabs.

Distracted on the Road? It's Like Driving the Length of a Football Field... Blindfolded


Distracted Driving Accidents

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When we talk about distracted driving, most people immediately think about smartphones. Sure enough, using your phone behind the wheel to call and text ...

Driving While Distracted: Why can't we ignore the pings?

Restrictions on cell phone use while driving in the United States - Wikipedia

The Dangers of Texting and Driving Infographic with information on Teens and Texting, Common Distracted Driving Accident Injuries, and Distracted Driving ...

Apple's Don't Disturb While Driving Mode Is a Blunt Answer to a Nuanced Problem

How to remain hands free in a car

Distracted driving: Driving while talking on the phone leads to a vast majority of the

New distracted driving law in Washington makes it illegal to hold phone while driving

Recent Survey Finds Nine in 10 Washington, D.C., Area Drivers Use Cellphone While Behind the Wheel

Pay Attention: Distracted Driving Could Boost Your Insurance Rates By As Much As 41%

Distracted by Tech While Driving? The Answer May Be More TechDistracted by Tech While Driving? The Answer May Be More Tech

Elenathewise via Getty Images. Texting while driving may pose a unique risk compared to other forms of ...


Distracted Driving Is Now an Epidemic in the U.S.

Erie-Insurance-Distracted-Driving-Infographic. “

Chances are the first thing you think of is cell phone use. But cell phones are just the tip of the distracted driving ...

Distracted Driver

Distracted Driving

Stop the madness of distracted driving on Minnesota roads

Distracted Driver

Photo: Ken Ellis. All of it adds up to distraction. Safety experts have zeroed in on cellphones, mostly because the devices have become ubiquitous ...

... Oregon involving drivers reportedly using cell phones. Please drive safe! That call or text can wait. More info: ...

Should Alberta adopt similar distracted driving legislation as Ontario? By Slav Kornik. more

Really bad idea: texting while driving. Paul Oka/flickr, CC BY-NC. Even more dangerous is the ...

Researchers at the University of Utah ask volunteers like Anne McLaren to use a cellphone in a driving simulator. Talking didn't cause a problem, ...

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Is It Illegal to Talk on Your Cellphone While Driving in North Carolina?

Young Men, Frequent Drivers Most Likely To Get Distracted While Driving

Distracted-driving-infographic-NHTSA-Miami-Lakes-Automall-Mitsubishi. On a ...

man talking on the phone while driving a car. Distracted ...

The tech toys in our cars seem to grow daily. What we only dreamed about a decade ago (a car that would talk to us and give us driving directions) has come ...

Pennsylvania's Distracted Driving Laws: A Weak Solution to A Deadly Problem

... higher than shown if a driver also sent text messages using them. Download Full-Res Image

Injured by a Distracted Driver in Washington? Call Us

What Are the Top Driver Distractions? According to the survey, using cell phones ...


Distracted Driving Is Out of Control, and There's No Single Cure

Accidents Caused by Texting and Cellphones. looking at phone while driving image on distracted driving accidents page for Heintz & Becker,

Arizona ban on cellphone use while driving: What to know about the law

Distracted Driving

distracted-driving-card-1 copy.JPG

Driving? Your Phone Is A Distraction Even If You Aren't Looking At It | FiveThirtyEight

Don't Text and Drive Join the Fight to End Distracted Driving

a girl using a phone distracted driving alberta