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Europhobia n the fear andor dislike of Europe the European Union

Europhobia n the fear andor dislike of Europe the European Union


Europhobia, n. the fear and/or dislike of Europe, the European Union

Europhobia: a very British problem

France poll: European election ...

Ereuthrophobia, n. the fear and/or dislike of the color red, redlights

U.S. President Barack Obama walks past a flag of the European Union as he departs after speaking to the media at the conclusion of the summit of G7 | Sean ...

Eosophobia, n. the fear and/or dislike of dawn, daylight or sunrise

In the face of the European Union's political crisis: the vital cultural struggle over values

Brexit from the Inside: The Movement to Leave the EU


Enthusiasm for EU in sharp decline throughout Europe, not just UK


Euroscepticism and the Return to Nationalism in the Wake of Accession as Part of the Europeanization Process in Central and Eastern Europe | Cairn.info

Europhobia: a very British problem | Geoffrey Wheatcroft | Politics | The Guardian

The EU Cohesion Monitor suggests that the bonds between Finland and the European Union strengthened between the years 2007 and 2014: both individual and ...

Margaret Thatcher and Ed Heath

Church EU Europe Brexit prayer

European Union says erosion of civil and political rights in Hong Kong in 2018 earned 'unprecedented' concern from foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini

Matteo Salvini speaks during an anti-immigration protest in October 2014 in Milan. Long

Christian Adams Cartoon

The EU is funding ten projects in Britain totalling €539,250

Europhobia - Euroscepticism - EU Referendum - European Union - Leave Campaign - Stereotypes

Political control of European media: should the EU step in?

Christopher Caldwell

In June 1994, 66.6 percent of Austrians voted in favour of Austria's accession to the European Union by 1 January 1995. However, the initial EU euphoria was ...

People walk across carpeting with the flag of the European Union at the headquarters of the

Europa United

EUphoria: The American dream, Europe's nightmare

Euroskeptic Surge Rocks E.U. Elections

Populist plan for 2019 election puts EU in crosshairs

... blames Europhobic parties on politicians “guilty of their own failures”. Sunday evening we'll know who won -European Romania or anti- Europe Romania

Protesters in Berlin rally in favor of the European Union, in March 2019.Stefan Boness/Panos Pictures/R edux

Luxembourg is a clear outlier in the EU Cohesion Monitor, in that it scores very highly on both structural and individual cohesion indicators.

Photo Gallery: The Roman Tragedy

Ireland is frequently painted as an “enthusiastic” member of the European Union, but the reality is more nuanced, and not easily reflected in statistical ...

People hold burning flags of EU and NATO during a protest against the EU in Sofia, Bulgaria 11 January 2018. [EPA-EFE/VASSIL DONEV]

How do you say 'Diversity' in Maltese? The European Union has 24 official languages (including Maltese). In theory, all 24 of them are accepted as working ...

Document produced by pro-EU group Britain Stronger in Europe makes the claim that European

Elite discourse and popular opinion on European Union. British exceptionalism revisited

The Growth of Euroscepticism in European Union


Europhobia: a very British problem – podcast

The euro logo is seen in front of the European Central Bank

Part II Click here to access Part I of the book Click here to view the publication in its entirety

Contributing factors to individual and structural cohesion?

Germans, Brits and Europhobia


Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May arrives ahead of a European Council meeting on

Indeed, it isn't merely ambivalent or ambiguous toward Christianity; it is palpably hostile to it. Nor are EU leaders apparently led by the people:

Europhobic - Europhobia - Brexit - European Union - EU Referendum

03 May 2019

Graphic: Public opinion polls show Lega growing stronger.


... the 'bosomiest in Europe'. At the eve of the swinging Sixties, then, the European Community was hip, cool, and buzzing – at least to the Daily Mirror.

Negative rates, EU/UK and Brexit: ECB answers to market fears / 03 / 2016 / Article / Research Center

Major EU Institutions

Europe: Back to the Future


FABULAMUNDI DRAMA LAB is a project conceived and realized in partnership by PAV (Rome) and Teatro-i (Milan), a training course for twelve playwrights under ...


It may come as little surprise that neither individual nor structural cohesion is in general very high: Denmark has held nine referendums on EU ...

Cameron's incurable European headache

POLITICO EUROPE · 2019 EU Elections

Reforming the EU : Building the United States of Europe

THANKS to all tweeps who helped me to compile the list. If you know of a *good* podcast on EU politics that is not featured here, please get in touch.

Illustration: LPO

There is no envy, jealousy, or hatred between the different colors of the rainbow. “

Why Are So Many Voters Still in the Dark About What the European Parliament Does?

A sign marks the border between England and Scotland at Marshall Meadows. (Robert Ormerod for The Washington Post)

Graphic: Right-wing populists on the rise

Break up the EU... before Europe breaks down completely - Mikeconomics.net

Nigel Lawson on Brexit: 'I love Europe! That's why I live in France. But the EU has no purpose'

Social Europe Edition Book

Cover for The Germany Illusion

A Scandal in Brussels Captures Everything Europhobes Can't Stand About the EU

Signature ceremony of the Treaty of Maastricht, 7 February 1992. [European Commission]

Commons Press Office (@HoCPress)

Austerity: 12 Myths Exposed

gefira bulletin

Opposing Europe in the European Parliament

A worker answers a telephone in the office of pro-Brexit group Leave.EU in London, February 2016. REUTERS/Neil Hall

A Union flag flies next to the flag of the European Union in Westminster, London, Britain June 24, 2016. Britain has voted to leave the European Union, ...

Britain has voted to leave the European Union, the BBC said based on voter tallies from Thursday's referendum, an outcome that would set the country on an ...

about 3 years ago. → Boris's big blunder – please share. EU: ...

The End of the Anglo-American OrderThe End of the Anglo-American Order

Unbalanced Europe and the New Order in the OSCE Space

PUNCH Magazine Cartoon Archive

Global Economy Slows, Pushing Europe's Central Bank to Make a Surprise MoveGlobal Economy Slows, Pushing Europe's Central Bank to Make a Surprise Move

TTCP remains excited about the prospects of investing more in Europe and Israel over the coming investment cycle, and has opened an office in London as a ...