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Harriet M Wing Dudley 18351916 Find A Grave Memorial memories

Harriet M Wing Dudley 18351916 Find A Grave Memorial memories


Harriet M Wing Dudley (1835-1916) - Find A Grave Memorial

Peter Fellows Dudley (1830-1910) - Find A Grave Memorial

Robert Norman Wilson (1907-1911) - Find A Grave Memorial Grave Memorials,

Jacob Fikstad (1860 - 1946) - Find A Grave Photos

Wayne Howard Dudley (1937-1986) - Find A Grave Memorial

Susan E Dudley Green (1862-1943) - Find A Grave Memorial

Birth: May 1, 1804 Death: Nov. 28, 1883 Inscription: wife

Florence Nancy Dudley Page (1889-1979) - Find A Grave Memorial

Description: http://www.oregonpioneers.com/graphics/ClaiborneHill.

John David Jones (1827-1870)--Moss Springs Cemetery, Jasper County

Lyndall Irma Shepard Dudley (1902-1989) - Find A Grave Memorial

Columbia University record

This file has only deceased individuals with birth, marriage, death, and burial events and no sources. See my web site for additional events, ...

DYER, Moses True ...

Elder Moses L. Dudley (Unknown-1865) - Find A Grave Memorial

This face seems to read William H. Harris son of M... H. Harris, Jan ...1847 to July 11 1890 and seems to be a brother ...

Susan Mary “Susie” Sanborn Dudley - Find A Grave Memorial

Johnston Collection.

BROWN, Susan: m'd 1856 MCCLENDON, C.C.; d/o John and Mary Brown

Parfets--Integral Family in Golden History

Joel Spence (1832-1896) and Martha Jane Hood (1828-1887)

New England Magazine, February 1890.

Harriett E Paige Dudley (1901-1962) - Find A Grave Memorial Grave Memorials

Tom Driberg


Hale, Philip. Born in Norwich, Vermont in Mar. 5, 1854 to a family that had first arrived in Massachusetts in 1638 (“eighth in line of descent from Thomas ...

As ...

Pioneer Monument, Moss Springs Cemetery, Jasper County, Missouri

Description: http://www.oregonpioneers.com/graphics/James&ElizaLarkin.

Footstones for Thomas Pope Bland and Levicy Jane Harris and two of their children, Bagdad Cem picture take March 1985.


Mechelen Hospital Archive


Jacques Raymond Brascassat - Jacques Raymond Brascassat

(Chadwick, Unpublished Memoirs) Clara Rogers described William Winch: “the ever genial and witty, and who had, happily, remained immune from tenor-itis… ...

As ...

Description: http://www.oregonpioneers.com/graphics/BenjaminFranklin.

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The Language and Culture Archive of Ashkenazic Jewry

Faith in Golden's History

Helen Taft Manning Hunter (1921-2013) - Find A Grave Memorial


European Music and Musicians in New York City, 1840-1900 (Eastman Studies in Music) - PDF Free Download


John William Spence (1864-1935) and Daniel Wayne "Tucker" Spence (

Sonya Rapoport - Sonya Rapoport

Bank ...

(Salem Register (November 7, 1859): 3, GB). The first paragraph mentions that Benjamin (the father) had been in business for 20 years.

Description: http://www.oregonpioneers.com/graphics/CelestineFranklinEmmett.

The book undone

As ...

Gravestone at Bagdad Cmemtery, Picture taken March 1985, unfortunately the details cannot be made out


Sherman Fellows Dudley (1868-1956) - Find A Grave Memorial

Henry Sherwood

Driberg's grave in Bradwell cemetery

Pierre-Jules Mêne - Image: Mene 5

John B. Swainson

Photo by G. K. Warren. Philip Hale Collection. BPL, Digitalcommonwealth.

Bundles of Twigs and Flowers

... m'd RINEHART, George Washington; d/o Harmon and Martha (Shumate) Davis

As ...


Italian Jewish Community Regulations

Earl Wesley Dudley (1907-1925) - Find A Grave Memorial Grave Memorials,

Beni Hammad Fort - Image: Kalaa des Beni Hammad.1

Portrait (1915) of Edith Sitwell, Driberg's early mentor (by Roger Fry)

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Ryan. Recollections, facing 72.


John William Spence (1864-1935) and Myrta Alzina Moss (1877-1953


... one of William and Asenath's sons

The First Horse Thief Vigilante Justice and Lynching in Golden

Moses Altmann (1875 - 1946) - Find A Grave Photos

As ...

Sebastiano Serlio -- On domestic architecture

John T. Kostuck


The Hutchinson - Illustrated Encyclopedia of British History - DocShare.tips

Lancing College; the tall building to the right is the Gothic chapel.


The Most Famous Grave in Golden

Description: http://www.oregonpioneers.com/graphics/WilliamHill.

Ryan Patrick Halligan (1989-2003) - Find A Grave Memorial

Pierre-Jules Mêne - Image: Mene 1