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I love adding collagen to my smoothies and shakes bc its great

I love adding collagen to my smoothies and shakes bc its great


So grab some frozen berries, bananas, kale/spinach, collagen, milk of choice & let's get this smoothie made.

Why & How we put Vital Proteins gelatin and everything, PLUS four new smoothie recipes!! Don't miss the discount code for 10% off and free shipping!

I love adding collagen to my smoothies and shakes b/c it's great protein and is wonderful for your hair, skin, nails and digestion!

Close up of the blueberry banana smoothie with the blueberry banana spinach smoothie in the shot

#ad This blueberry banana spinach smoothie is so fun because I add Dr. Axe's

When and How to Use Perfect Keto Collagen

Coconut Milkshake with Cacao Nibs {paleo, dairy-free, vegan & low-

I'll admit, I'm a smoothie fanatic. I love to start my day with a filling Paleo Protein smoothie (with a scoop of collagen and Organic Greens, ...

Hidden Cauliflower Smoothie | Reclaiming Yesterday

The only officially Whole30 Approved Protein Powder is Vital Proteins: Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. I add their ...

The Whole Smiths

Get the benefits of collagen without the effort of bone broth! This delicious collagen boosting

Hey guys, here's a quick and easy green smoothie to get you geared up for St. Patrick's Day! Because ya know, Erin go Bragh and all of that good stuff. I ...

TSC-Wrinkle-Blaster-Collagen-Smoothie-3-by-the- ...

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Blueberry Chip Collagen Smoothie from The Whole Smiths. Dairy-free and paleo.

How to Add gelatin to smoothies

Before taking collagen, I did a good amount of research. Immediately, I was drawn in by the health benefits: increased athletic performance, gut health, ...

A mason jar filled with our healthy Super Green Spirulina Smoothie

Anti-Aging Banana Berry Smoothie

Green Ginger Collagen Smoothie

Bulletproof Collagen Protein milkshake

One added benefit that no one mentioned was how much creamier it makes your smoothies! Almost like a thickening agent, Vital Proteins collagen creates a ...

Banana Chocolate Collagen smoothie recipe

Amazon.com: Wild Collagen Peptides Powder - Pasture Raised, Type 1 and 3, Grass Fed, Gluten Free, Single Ingredient, Unflavored, Non-GMO, ...

Easy-to-use Bulletproof collagen powder sourced from pasture-raised cows

It's no surprise that I have a bit of a reputation as the Smoothie Queen around here. I couldn't tell you how many smoothies I've made but we average around ...


Paleo Green Smoothie with Protein {No Added Sugar, Vegan Option} | The Paleo Running Momma

Healthy Breakfast Smoothies | Berry Smoothie

71 Smoothies Without Bananas

This chocolate collagen smoothie satisfies all your chocolate cravings and gives you a health boost with

Two serving glasses filled with vibrant Avocado Green Smoothie and surrounded by avocado, banana,. Whenever we travel, the ...


How to make a keto smoothie

Build Your Own Protein Smoothie Packs {3 Ways}

I am loving my matcha lattes and iced matcha lattes in the afternoons as a little pick me up. I'm opting for those instead of coffee because ...

supercharged smoothie

I love adding collagen, hemp hearts, or chia seeds! Close up shot of a mocha chocolate smoothie with a bronze straw sticking out and cocoa

Raspberry Turmeric Collagen Shake

homemade banana shake with avocado

Collagen Facts + 4 Power Green Smoothies

Vitamin C Smoothie that's perfect for the changing weather and fighting off colds!

Creamy Avocado Collagen Smoothie

Protein Essentials Chocolate Collagen Protein Powder Shake, Non GMO and Organic Ingredients (21oz)

If you've seen your friends and favorite health gurus loading up on smoothies in the name of good nutrition, you're not alone. Smoothies are often a healthy ...

What you'll get is a power-packed and nutrient-dense smoothie full of organic whole fruits, veggies, seeds, and grass-fed beef collagen peptides in about 60 ...

5 Supplements That Will Make Your Smoothies A Nutritional Powerhouse

This chocolate collagen smoothie satisfies all your chocolate cravings and gives you a health boost with

Strawberry Banana Cashew Smoothie

How To Make A Meal Replacement Shake

The Best Green Smoothie

And guys, it's not weird! Or gross. Or the least bit funky! Cauliflower makes a smoothie super creamy and veggie-loaded without having to add spinach into ...

A quick and easy vitamin c smoothie recipe

coffee smoothie two glasses

8 Keto Smoothies That Legit Taste Like Milkshakes

Before I get to the chocolaty goodness recipe, here is a little food for your brain (literally) so you know whyyyy I preach collagen so much.

A healthy avocado smoothie recipe with cacao powder and collagen protein for breakfast or a snack

The Skinny Confidential

Apple Ginger Detox Smoothie Recipe | Healthy Green Smoothie | Vegan Detox Smoothie

The Best Collagen Powders for Women, According to a Nutritionist | Shape Magazine

I know you already feel amazing just by looking at this smoothie, but it's important also to make it. The antioxidants have many superpowers, but they can't ...

Coconut Cake Collagen Shake

Protein Powder: How to choose the perfect blend?

Amazon.com: Wild Collagen Peptides Powder - Pasture Raised, Type 1 and 3, Grass Fed, Gluten Free, Single Ingredient, Unflavored, Non-GMO, ...

A tall glass of smoothie surrounded by orange slices and ice cubes

Vanilla Chai Collagen Protein Smoothie

strawberry apple smoothie recipe

Iced Matcha Latte + Collagen

I love all of the beautiful ingredients in this Super C Beauty Smoothie – strawberries, red bell pepper, cauliflower, spinach – not only do they make a ...

Is collagen the new protein shake?

Hi friends, it's been a while, but I'm back on the blogosphere. April and the beginning of May were crazy busy and the most fun days which left little room ...

green smoothie next to natural force organic vanilla whey and natural force collagen peptides

“What about Green Grinch Smoothies? We could put whipped cream Santa hats on them just like the Grinch wears in the book,” I suggested.


When I was losing my weight I would incorporate smoothies sometimes for dinner as a post workout meal and I loved the convenience of it and it helped aid in ...

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Strawberry Avocado Keto Smoothie Recipe with Almond Milk - The best strawberry avocado smoothie recipe needs

Can Smoothies be made a day in advance? You betcha! These 3 Make-

I eat this smoothie EVER. DAY. It's the best smoothie I have ever had

Fat Bomb Chocolate Smoothie

Here are my top vitamin C fruits that will add so much yum to your next smoothie.

This Café Mocha Collagen Protein Smoothie has 24 grams of protein and 0 grams of added sugar!

blueberry detox smoothie with bowl of frozen blueberries