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Learn to crush those homesteading doubts before they surface

Learn to crush those homesteading doubts before they surface


Learn to crush those homesteading doubts before they surface!

If you're in the market for your own homestead, these are the mistakes that you need to avoid.

Don't just let your unused land go to waste! Here are a few things that you can do to really make the most of unused land surrounding your property!

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homesteading doubts

When you take the time to join with others and build a sustainable community, everyone benefits. It can also be a lot of fun!

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Got mint Learn to grow, harvest, use and store mint l Homestead Lady (

In this Ultimate Guide to the Best 2019 Homesteading Resources, I have compiled the best

Many months ago, I was in a beautiful place. I lived happily on a homestead. I saw it as the only way to live. Not for everyone, but for us.

Homesteading on Sloped Land

Common Sense Homestead Open House - Learn about green building, energy efficiency, universally accessible

The Dream Homestead Lifestyle! We built ours and you can build yours too! There

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Several families splitting up a piece of land, building with cash, and learning to farm and garden. Revolutionary.

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Whether you are new or just starting to plan your homestead, making a vision board

Then ...

vintage cast iron before and after restoration

The day is intended to be both social and educational – combining hands-on building, lecture, panel, and social time – in an immersive environment.

Many homesteaders could avoid being overwhelmed and stressed by learning how to set priorities before they

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A man standing between tall cannabis plants, smiling up at them. They're

With a mortar and pestal, grind the berries coarsely to expose as much surface area as you can. This makes sure that all of the goodness of the berry is ...

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Several families splitting up a piece of land, building with cash, and learning to farm and garden. Revolutionary.

I didn't know how expensive driveways were until we bought 20 acres or undeveloped

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Supplemental thoughts from The Homestead Gardener- on defining a homestead garden and the evolution of his homesteading experience can be found online this ...

He is the father of one. Friday has responded thoroughly and thoughtfully to our questions, so this post is a bit of a long one. Hope you enjoy and thanks ...

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I want to write about the economics of teaching permaculture and how it fits into the larger goal of “living in harmony with nature,” which is what ...

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I'm ...

When we have faced down impossible odds; when we've been told that we're not ready, or that we shouldn't try, or that we can't, generations of Americans ...

Does anyone else have glorious memories of going to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in their area as a young kid? Me too! This event is the original to my area ...


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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Secrets of the Tarahumara

Happy Easter from my family to yours! I stopped to snap this pic while on

The Surface's End

Camp ...

South Florida's shrinking agriculture industry fights to stay in the game | Miami Herald

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We have a challenge on our site, and it's of our own making. We process thousands of poultry animals here every year – chickens, turkeys, and ducks. The ...

When ...

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If you haven't read it yet, please check out Pete Saunders' excellent new piece For Some, The Price is Too Damn Low over at Forbes.

Urban Homesteading Class in Chicago

Building Deep Soil with A Lot of Organic Matter featuring Ben Hartman (FSFS162) from Permaculture Voices on RadioPublic

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This Spring I began having a revelation of sorts! I have been assuming that since we are God's people, that maybe we weren't entitled to unnumbered ...


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Cover image of Homestead Story - Chickens, Cows, Kids, and Catholics

Take a minute to brush up on the lingo and learn the often used chicken terms, before ...

Make Your Own Herbal Supplements l DIY supplements l Homestead Lady (.com)

Geologic Activity - Grand Teton National Park (U.S. National Park Service)

The developers of Fit & Strong worked with researchers to study how people can best learn these skills and improve their strength, balance, flexibility, ...

6 Ways to Cultivate the Virtue of Humility

Full interview performed on the farm and written by : Grant Segall of The Cleveland Plain Dealer by Clinking on Image above.

But it also keeps a harsh side. When things go into hiding, a frigid blanket lays upon the land.

Climate change is the excuse; radically remaking the American economy is the aim.

Upper Valley, this is quite literally the moment we've all been waiting for

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'I lose sleep over climate change' – Warmist Meteorologist Eric Holthaus admits to 'soul-crushing despair' – 'I confess: I need help' | Watts Up With That?

"Rim of the Desert," Little, Brown & Company, Boston, 1941

As we get older, we have the incredible privilege of choosing our “family,

PSA: Access to our farm and all the farms on River Road will not be

The following section presents a brief overview of the most evident themes extracted from the written responses, including a small selection of ...

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My colleague Ryan asked me to write a blog about swales - actually, he asked me to write a blog about “why swales aren't necessary and why we should all ...

Laurie Neverman is the creator of Common Sense Home (formerly Common Sense Homesteading). She was raised on a small dairy farm in northwest Wisconsin, ...

Livy Snyder: Amber, you participated in Black Cube's first Talk With Your Mouth Full artist brunch. Can you share some of the questions you posed to the ...

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