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Most of the commuters cars will never surface in the district This

Most of the commuters cars will never surface in the district This


"Most of the commuters' cars will never surface in the district. This will

Can You Handle The Daily Commute To Toronto?

Morning rush-hour traffic on Interstate 66 inside the Beltway on Friday. (Dayna Smith for The Washington Post)

Cycling ...

Days commuting are not time lost, but time found

Southbound traffic backs up as northbound drivers cruise on with ease on the Highway 99 viaduct

New York Might Charge Cars $11.52 to Enter Manhattan—And Drivers Should Love It

Study: Adding 20 Minutes to Your Commute Makes You as Miserable as Getting a 19 Percent Pay Cut | Inc.com

Northbound traffic on Route 3 slows to a crawl before the Braintree Split.

Washington, D.C., gridlock

The Google car knows every turn. It never gets drowsy or distracted, or wonders who has the right-of-way.

Autonomous vehicles: Hype and potential

Myth busting: DC Home Rule prohibits a “commuter tax,” but that's not why we don't have congestion pricing

Forget the infamous $40 toll. Here's what the I-66 tolls are averaging.

V2V: A Safer Commute with Cars Sharing Status Updates

Cycling · Transit · Transportation · Walking

Seattle commute times will more than double during viaduct closure

CEOs want faster commutes… for whom?

Mena daSilva-Clark's morning commuter view. Courtesy Photo

I-66 express lanes debut with $34.50 toll, among the highest in U.S.

America's road trip: will the US ever kick the car habit?

If you're going to San Francisco ... it'll take a

After that, it's really just a matter of going down hill from Chinatown to Alameda where you'll pass Philippe on the right, and Union Station on the left ...

How much could commuter cycling increase in your part of England?

... A wall of cars can be seen approaching in bicycle's rearview ...

How to get around the Boston area if you don't own a car

Adoption of autonomous vehicles has the potential to make cities more sustainable, inclusive, prosperous, and resilient (Photograph: Shutterstock)

Image by the author.

Yes, Seattle has a parking problem. There's way too much of it.

... next to the Children's Hospital, B4 is conveniently located off the A38(M) Expressway, and just minutes from Colmore Row and Snow Hill district.

Self-driving cars could have a huge effect on our cities

How I get around the DC area without a car (and you can too!)

Tell us your ideas for the commuter rail

Commuter rail revised, new district contemplated

Not Everyone's Commute Is a Hellish Automobile Nightmare

click to enlarge Commuters on Olive Boulevard. - COURTESY OF FLICKR/PAUL SABLEMAN

Living Without Car

As shown in the Google Streetview image below, crossing the bridge over the 401 means a noisy, windy, polluted journey over more than a dozen lanes of car ...

Google Driving

Meet “Sledgehammer Shannon,” Uber's Worst Nightmare

Are We Safe on Highway 17?

Politicians cause traffic jams, scapegoat an app.

Best Commuter Bike Buying Guide & other tips to enjoy Commuting to work

Commuter Benefits Parity Is Fair for Transit Users But Might Actually Lead to More Driving - CityLab

Opinion: Congestion Pricing is Just One Step Toward Reclaiming City Streets

The world's worst traffic: can Jakarta find an alternative to the car?

Matt works at Silicon Labs downtown, and regularly commutes there by ebike from Cedar Park.

... car commuters: anybody else concerned that @NVanDistrict will be removing safety devices protecting bike lanes for four winter months during the most ...


Just a commute to school.

Charlotte Moves toward a Car-Free City Center

Biking along with the Ybor riders at Bayshore Trail.

Single-family homes stock image

End of the car age: how cities are outgrowing the automobile

the photo that explains almost everything (updated!)

Just a few days ago, I got a surprise in the mail. It was a very expensive registration renewal bill* from Boulder County, reminding me that my brand-new ...

New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority is revamping its bus network with electric vehicles, double-deckers, and a whole new routing system.

Students wait in line to board a Long Beach city bus after school at Wilson High School as the kids commute In Long Beach October 4, 2018.

Google driving uses lasers to identify moving objects like pedestrians.

Children and parked cars (Getty Images/Bloomberg/Michaela Handrek-Rehle)

Link Light Rail has had some rough patches over the last month with a couple of major incidents occurring during peak commute times. The first was a ...

We are happy to see a sustainable program that serves the community, but many are unaware of its purpose.

Bike-heavy Eugene, OR


Is it really illegal to pass a car on the right? Can I get ticket? Ask @ Commuting Larry - nj.com


Opening to the ...

The best eco-friendly hybrid SUVs: Lexus NX300h hybrid 2018

Highlights. Commuters ...

... system in which drivers and passengers meet—without prior arrangement—at designated locations. This alternative transport method emerged in the 1970s.

Creating safer roads for everyone is a common theme throughout all the bills presented to legislators on this day of action. Everyone has the right to ...

Commuters exit the 53 Woodward bus at the Rosa Parks bus terminal January 1, 2015

Benefits abound for those with no intention of ever getting on a bicycle

Photo of The Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad Company - MBCR - Boston, MA, United

a close up of a busy city street: Traffic builds up as cars enter the

Traffic on Valley Vista Blvd. at Woodcliff Rd. in Sherman Oaks during the morning commute on Wednesday, January 11, 2017. (Photo by Dean Musgrove, ...

The commute in the Sydney suburb of Ultimo this morning. Source: Twitter/@

How do you commute to work?

Driving ...

Photo by Todd Mecklem

It was fun to bike you!

Brake lights are seen on cars stacked up and headed south toward Seattle on Interstate 5

People who are curious about casual carpool often find their way to an idiosyncratic webpage called 'Casual Car Pool News'.

Henning Larsen to create new city centre for Shenzhen

Traffic backs up on I-95 (Getty Images/The Miami Herald/C.M.

Did more people brave the roads Tuesday after Monday's commute wasn't bad? It

According to a new survey, long commutes are bad for you. Really bad:

Faster Than Walking, More Flexible Than Biking: Skateboarding as a Real Mobility Mode. Safety regulations against skateboarding can impede commuters ...