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Storyboard Artist and Supervising Director on Steven Universe

Storyboard Artist and Supervising Director on Steven Universe


Storyboard Artist and Supervising Director on Steven Universe.

CalArts - Joe Johnston = Storyboard Artist and Supervising Director on 'Steven Universe.'

@ealipoe made a chart once, but not only is it out of date, it's also been confirmed to be inaccurate (note: website sometimes has a paywall. at the time I ...

This is the last episode I boarded for Steven Universe before devoting myself to the role of Storyboard Supervisor. Aleth is my real life buddy, ...

Steven Universe: We Are the Crystal Gems

Dropping Gems: An Interview with the Composers of the Score for 'Steven Universe'

Here's like a chart showing how all the different storyboard artists draw Steven!

Joe Johnston

The Hidden Message in the Architecture of Steven Universe

Blue Diamond vs Lapis Sketch

Steven Universe - Reunited.jpg

CN Orders More 'Steven Universe' and 'Uncle Grandpa'

She recently started working on Steven Universe again as supervising director through!

Storyboard ruby Sapphire Steven Universe Theories, Steven Universe Gem, Universe Art, Steven Universe

"Steven Universe" Bismuth (TV Episode 2016) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

rebecca sugar is such an inspiration Universe Art, Steven Universe Drawing, Greg Universe,

Steven Universe - The Answer.jpg

How 'Adventure Time' Became a Talent Factory for a Generation of AnimatorsHow 'Adventure Time' Became a Talent Factory for a Generation of Animators

Steven Universe

“Stev-Bombie” by storyboard artist and supervising director Joe Johnston ! From Crewniverse Zine #3 for SDCC 2017. Now that's a move I'd love to see!

Good Vibes Animation Department

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Exclusive cover reveal: 'Steven Universe' graphic novel continues to dream big

@ianjq had the idea for OK K.O.! before working on Steven Universe, and the other storyboard artists borrowed some of K.O.'s design for ...

Some boards I did for the Change Your Mind Steven Universe special, more below the fold, posted here until I figure out a better website for this.

How 'OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes' Created the Craziest Mall in Animation

Storyboard artists take things frame by frame

Cartoon Network has unveiled a poster for Steven Universe ...

Cartoon Network Plans Panels, Picnic & Scholarship Announcement for Annecy

View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO White Diamond's lewd-looking blu (...).jpg, 4MiB, 2631x3907

Kat Morris, Supervising Director, Storyboard Artist, and Writer on Steven Universe, recently did a live draw for an hour on Facebook.

They're growing new teams of creative people and looking for boarders who can be writers and directors or heads of storyboard.”

Blue Diamond Scenes - Steven Universe

Steven Universe - Legs From Here to Homeworld.jpg

Watch 'Steven Universe' come to life and sing in a live performance by the cast at Comic-Con - Los Angeles Times

Steven Universe hour-long episode “Change Your Mind”! Airs January 21 @

Change Your Mind promo art by Joe Johnston


SVA Alumnus Ian Jones-Quartey (Steven Universe) speaking with students. Storyboard artist ...

SDCC '16: Rebecca Sugar on LGBTQ themes in Steven Universe and what's to come

Steven Universe: Too Cool for School

Rebecca Sugar is an artist, composer and director who is best known for being a writer and storyboard artist on the series Adventure Time.

Fish Hooks

Cartoon Network Believes in "Steven Universe" and "Uncle Grandpa" Both series have been picked up 13 additional episodes, bringing the respective total ...


Steven Universe' Becomes First Animated Show To Win GLAAD Kids & Family Award

Steven Crewniverse Behind-The-Scenes Universe: rebeccasugar: A few Peridot poses that I did for... | SU storyboard artists | Storyboard artist, Sketches, ...

'Steven Universe'

Best of 2017: Cartoons by CelmationPrince ...

Pearl Has Facets, In Fact

Steven Universe | We Are The Crystal Gems | Live From SDCC | Cartoon Network

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"I just like YoI - the characters are great! Sometimes drawing backgrounds isn't the most compelling, so I tend to add cameos.

Illustration for article titled Steven Universe: “The Return”/“Jail Break”

#conniestevenuniverse for all instagram posts | PUBLICINSTA

The Coolest Details From Steven Universe's Gorgeous New Art Book | Kotaku Australia

"Steven Universe" panelists, from left, Jeff Ball, Ian Jones-Quartey. "

I posted a section of this pre Pearl's new outfit- here's the whole thing. steven universe stevenuniverse ...

MT: You are credited many times as being a Storyboard Artist: Promo Team. What does promo team mean?

The question of how “programmed” humans are, by instincts or culture, is too complex to address here, but it's another thing worth keeping in mind regarding ...

How 'Adventure Time' Became a Talent Factory for a Generation of Animators - The New York Times

Ian Jones-Quartey

Steven Universe: Attack the Light Review: One of the Best Mobile Games Currently Available | Steven Universe: Attack the Light

Gabriel propout facebook.com/[email protected] patreon.com/miggydizzle

stevencrewniverse: “ Coming this Monday at TWO new Steven Universe episodes! Cheeseburger Backpack and Together Breakfast! Supervising Director Ian ...

Steven Universe Episode Recap: "When It Rains" Continues The Scrappy Adventures Of Li'l Peridot | Player.One

The SVA in LA program was created to allow students to interact directly with top-shelf Film and Animation artists who work in both film and television.

Our 7 Favorite Steven Universe Fan Theories

her sui

"Steven Universe" Change Your Mind (TV Episode 2019) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

Kat Morris is a Storyboard artist, Supervising Director, and Writer! She does those things for, Steven Universe, and Regular Show!

Steven Universe: The Movie

Lapis doddle by Kat Morris, Steven Universe co Executive Producer, Supervising Director (Season

Steven Universe fans are fully aware that those hiatus cravings are real; the fact that the show can come on for a week of episodes and then vanish for ...

10 Steven Universe Facts You Might Not Have Known

FANFICTION_The SoulMates - Part 1 - by PencilTree ...


Steven Universe

Diamond Days arc starts tomorrow!!!! Pink Diamond sketch by Supervising Director and

Best Animated Feature

The main storyline of Steven Universe is over, ending with the one-hour special “Change Your Mind”. It wasn't perfect, but a lot of it was great.

Storyboard Artist and Supervising Director on Steven Universe.

... storyboard supervisor on the pop culture phenomenon Adventure Time and served as the co-executive producer on the Emmy nominated series Steven Universe.

Art & Origins. I'm just browsing tumblr and decided to gather all the