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TIL that all nine actors from The Fellowship got the word nine

TIL that all nine actors from The Fellowship got the word nine


TIL that all nine actors from The Fellowship got the word "nine" tattooed in

The Matching Tattoos Of 'the Lord Of The Rings' Cast

The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) theatrical poster.

Look at his wrist...that tattoo is the elvish word for nine...back from the LOTR days! He will always be the Elf!

10 things you might not know about Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring .

The Matching Tattoos Of 'the Lord Of The Rings' Cast

Sean Bean

The nine members of "The Fellowship" got matching tattoos. "Nine" in the elvish language

"Nine" in Elvish. Represents the fellowship. Same tattoo that the cast got, though there's was smaller. Again, smaller it would be a good one for the back ...

Could Jake Gyllenhaal Save Middle-earth?

Eight of the nine members of the Fellowship got a small tattoo of the word " nine" spelled out in Tengwar, which is the original Elvish script created by ...

Neo-Traditional Creature Tattoos by Brando Chiesa


The Fellowship of the Ring

Orlando Bloom

Edit: I've never had someone get gold in the same thread as me. So close.


Orlando Bloom Shares Throwback Photo of 'Lord of the Rings' Cast Getting Matching Tattoos | EW.com

Think Outside the Box with Charley Gerardin's Contemporary Box Tattoos

Orlando Bloom's tattoo.

Billy Boyd (actor)

Nine women have come forward to accuse the playwright of sexual assault and misconduct.CreditMaisie Crow for The Boston Globe, via Getty Images

But these actors are not their parents, nor their former roles. Right now, they're two young people portraying the great fantasy author of the twentieth ...

'The Lord of the Rings': 10 Secrets You Probably Didn't Know

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Suicide Squad to Mad Max: acting cast mates who got matching tattoos | Stuff.co.nz

Cast of The Lord of the Rings: To pay tribute to their time in Middle Earth, the actors portraying the Fellowship inked the Elvish word for “nine” on their ...

3. It seems as if Viggo Mortensen was born to play the past of Aragorn. During pre-production he underwent extensive sword training with veteran sword ...

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Fifty years later, the mission continues as 'Star Trek' castmembers from the original series, 'Next Generation,' 'Deep Space Nine,' 'Voyager,' and ' ...

CSEAS Fellowship application is currently not opened.

Daniel Radcliffe (C) has been named as the young actor who will play Harry

'Everybody Hates Chris' actor Ricky Harris dies at 54

John Rhys-Davies by Gage Skidmore.jpg

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Richard Hatch, 'Battlestar Galactica' actor and '70s heartthrob, dies at 71

'The Lord of the Rings': 10 Secrets You Probably Didn't Know

Arguably the smartest character in the saga, Samwise Gamgee understands much about life, love and the value of a good work ethic.

Some questionable characters have been on "Grey's Anatomy." ABC

Thirty-six years after appearing as Claire in the “Breakfast Club,” actress Molly Ringwald revisited the cult-classic film with her 10-year-old daughter and ...

Sean gets his Elven Tattoo. "

'Shadow of War' Game Has Crazy 'Lord of the Rings' Canon Problems

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In Memoriam

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Dominic Monaghan

The pic shows the four hobbit members of the Fellowship, Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin, in costume and on set. Vanity Fair promises more shots will be ...

... but its citizens have never been given, nor have they ever taken, full responsibility for authoring their own constitution—until now, that is.

Battle of Five Armies

The 50 Greatest Living Geniuses

Ellen Pompeo Actors on Actors

Bereaved Families of Ontario - Kingston Division - $ 1290 - Barb Mundell, Executive Director, attended . Funds were granted to fund a program Grief Support ...

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - Movie Quotes - Rotten Tomatoes

Is. Going. On!?

Much like the last quote, these wise words from Gandalf express the temporal nature of our own lifetimes and the importance of not ruining our planet for ...

8:00am Forum (Library) 8:45am Choir Practice 9:00am Worship at the Lord's Table 10:00am Fellowship and Serv ...

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Actors on Actors: Michael Douglas &

The 'Seinfeld' cast.

In perhaps the least post-truth moment of a very post-truth week, the Oxford English Dictionaries have selected 'post-truth' as the international word of ...

Baby photo in shattered frame

I wish someone had told me .


An ad for Dallas that appeared in the April 1, 1978, issue of TV Guide, right before the first episode aired.

Nine Women Accuse Israel Horovitz, Playwright and Mentor, of Sexual Misconduct - The New York Times

Will Smith and Joel Kinnaman.

Nine Traits of Church Bullies

I'm happy to say that the Journey has covered every one of those nominations. However, with the exception of Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle and Anderson's No Truce ...

Soukous All Stars_600x900

The Fellowship of the Ring had nine characters, so naturally, The Lord Of The Rings movies would have nine lead actors to star in the films.

The Nine Dots Prize Board is chaired by Simon Goldhill, Professor in Greek Literature and Culture and Fellow of King's College, Cambridge.

9. Ewan McGregor

Crab Orchard Review Vol 23 No 3 March 2019 by Crab Orchard Review - issuu

Florence Onwuasoanya is known in her Lagos neighbourhood as "the woman who lost all the

Orlando Bloom Shares Throwback Photo of 'Lord of the Rings' Cast Getting Matching Tattoos | EW.com

Stockport's Plaza Theatre is a beautiful venue with a wealth of entertainment history and has, over the years, played host to countless life-long ...

There weren't as many superstar blockbusters to suck up all the oxygen so younger innovators got ...

Viggo Mortensen in Arena Homme Oct 2002, p1

Sohn: Shekari can do what Fleischmann could not

Training: Young Actors Theatre.

Nine things we've learned about rings, hobbits and Peter Jackson's epic saga | Film | The Guardian

Actors on Actors: Taraji P. Henson

The 2002 cast of Nine. The set of the 2016 production of She Loves Me. All photos by Joan Marcus.