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The brain makes no distinction between a broken bone and an aching

The brain makes no distinction between a broken bone and an aching


Health warning: social rejection doesn't only hurt – it kills | Aeon Essays


The brain makes no distinction between a broken bone and an aching heart. That's why social exclusion needs a health warning.

How does a plate and screws help a broken bone heal?

Image titled Tell if a Fall Broke Bones Without an X Ray Step 7

Broken Ankle

Painful neck which may be polymyalgia or fibromyalgia. Symptoms of ...

Can You Actually Break Your Tailbone — Or Only Bruise It?

Bone Fractures Illustration - Fracture of Bone

Bones of the Hand and Wrist

Ankle Injuries: When is It Time to Call the Doctor?

Bones can break for different reasons and in different ways. Click on the image to learn more about the different X-rays and types of bone breaks.

How Arthritis Strikes Your Feet, and 11 Ways to Heal Your Arthritis Foot Pain

Last Friday, I broke my elbow. The doctors said six weeks to heal. I gave myself two, and I think we're going to make it. Here's how: (But before any of ...

This Is Why Stubbing Your Toe Hurts So Much

Picture of the bones of the leg

TBI Basics

Skull fracture

Picture of compartment syndrome

It is important to assess the ankle based on its appearance including deformity, any open wounds around the ankle, the amount of swelling present, ...

Spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis

Broken Leg

Is My Dog's Leg Broken or Sprained?

Suspect a Broken Toe? How to Tell – And What Not To Do

What to know about a tibia fracture The tibia or shinbone is the most common long bone in the body for someone to fracture. The severity of symptoms depends ...

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Picture of epidural, subdural, and intracerebral hematomas

Summit Medical Group Web Site

External fixator

Cancer: Symptoms of bone cancer could be mistaken for arthritis

A diagram of a cross-section of the head and neck with part of the

Sometime back in 2010, a good friend of mine from college who had since become a pediatrician posted a complaint on Facebook about “made up” health ...

A week later, I'm not wearing my sling, have nearly full mobility back (meaning I can straighten my arm – almost, and rotate my hand – almost), ...

A neuroscientist who lost her mind says it can happen to anyone

Pelvic fracture

Bone Metastasis

Concussion: Understanding the Difference

Do not let these common injuries stop your active lifestyle. Follow these steps to treat and prevent them.

An x-ray of a closed fracture

... responsible for the movements of the small muscles in your hand. These are useful for precise and delicate hand movements. If you hit your funny bone, ...

Picture of the bones of the hip

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Everything you wanted to know about vein problems (but were too busy pulling up your socks to ask) | Life and style | The Guardian

Symptoms of a sprained finger include redness, pain, bruising, and swelling.

Anatomy of the Spine

Rainy weather does not make joint pain worse

Jogger checking if his ankle is broken or twisted. zoff-photoGetty Images. Common causes of stress fractures ...

The Biology of a Broken Heart—and How to Bounce Back

Stress Fractures

The pain pathway

Trauma Center: What's the Difference? | UnityPoint Health - Des Moines

5 of the Most Common Issues Treated in Emergency Rooms

Hip Bursitis vs Hip Osteoarthritis: How to Know the Difference. Sharp pains ...

What Are the Signs & Symptoms of a Broken Collarbone?

Picture of a herniated lumbar disc

Anatomy of the Hip Joint.

7/24: I took the day off of work to tend to life. Hopped on my bike and ran the rounds, as is standard weekend practice. 20 miles later, en route home, ...

To diagnose one of these injuries, your doctor will give you an exam that may include X-rays to rule out broken bones or other injuries.

Concordia Hospital ER is no more: The difference between an ER and urgent care

Get to Know the Ankle Joint

Mechanism of nociceptive pain.

What Happens To Your Body When You Break A Bone

Here's What Foam Rolling Is Actually Doing When It Hurts So Good

Diagnosing a Broken Ankle. Common types of ...

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Illustration of how nerves run through the body

The big fear

Additional resources for understanding the impact of stroke or injury to your brain


sciatica nerve and nerve impingement

lower leg bones

Anatomical illustration showing the location of the coracoid process on a superficial dissection of the shoulder

Myth: Gout pain always starts in the big toe Truth: It's true

Bone cancer: Symptoms of the disease can cause redness over a bone

Bone 7.jpg

Telling the difference between the signs of a broken leg in dogs and just a sprained leg is incredibly tricky because many of the symptoms mirror each other ...

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Peripheral artery disease causes cramps in the lower legs.