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The decline of salmon adds to the struggle of Puget Sounds orcas

The decline of salmon adds to the struggle of Puget Sounds orcas


HUNGER: The decline of salmon adds to the struggle of Puget Sound's orcas

The decline of salmon adds to the struggle of Puget Sound's orcas. by Lynda V. Mapes. orca Credit: CC0 Public Domain

An endangered female orca leaps from the water while breaching in Puget Sound west of Seattle

Salmon decline adds to the struggle of Puget Sound's orcas

Lack of access to enough chinook and other salmon where and when they need it intensifies

A sea lion rips into a salmon swimming home to spawn in the Nisqually River in

Twin monarchs of the Pacific Northwest, chinook salmon, and southern resident orcas, are struggling for survival after a century of habitat losses.

Orca, © Dave Ellifrit/Center for Whale Research/NMFS Permit 15569/DFO

In this photo taken Tuesday, July 24, 2018, provided by the Center for

Hungry and disappearing: Is the orcas' future already here?

Across the Pacific Northwest, 40 percent of chinook runs already are locally extinct, and a large proportion of the rest that remain are threatened or ...

20190111DKE_JF5-2587_L41, L85, and new calf L124.JPG

A young Southern Resident killer whale chases a chinook salmon in the Salish Sea near San Juan Island, Washington State, in September 2017.

HUNGER: The decline of salmon adds to the struggle of Puget Sound's orcas - Stats

Department of Natural Resources requests $90 million for orca, salmon habitat

Orca J17 in Haro Strait on Dec. 31, 2018. CREDIT: MELISSA PINNOW

This September 2015 photo provided by NOAA Fisheries shows an adult female orca, identified as

Crystal Chulik inspects a chinook during scientific sampling at the Bonneville Dam last June.

Scientists ID pink salmon as another possible threat to orcas

A new orca calf has been born in the critically endangered Puget Sound's souther killer whale pod.

A ferry boat crosses Puget Sound en route to Bainbridge Island on Jan. 16,

An orca breaches off the coast of Washington. The southern resident orca population in Washington's

Cliff Mass Weather and Climate Blog: With Declining Orcas and Salmon, Why Do We Allow the Shellfish Industry to Poison Our Coastal Waters With Herbicides ...

HUNGER: The decline of salmon adds to the struggle of Puget Sound's orcas ...

Being Frank: Habitat Key for Salmon and Orcas

Suspending whale-watching tours, breaching dams recommended to save orcas

A new study says killer whales in the southern resident population off the B.C. and Washington state coast are having problems reproducing because of a ...


Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Scarlet (killer whale)

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Chef leaves salmon to starving orcas

On NOAA's research vessel, the Bell M. Shimada, scientists sort a catch from

click to enlarge SHUTTERSTOCK - struggling The southern resident killer whale (orca) population has dropped by 25

Fate of Pacific Northwest orcas tied to having enough Columbia River salmon

The Puget Sound orcas live in three pods named J, K, and L.

A group of southern resident orcas swimming near San Juan Island. Photo: Rene Leubert

Orcas among most contaminated mammals in the sea

Orca breaching in Puget Sound

A pod of transient orcas swim through Haro Strait near Victoria, British Columbia. Transient orcas feed on marine mammals in the Puget Sound and have a ...

Heartache in the San Juan Islands: Locals grieve as resident orcas face extinction

The mother of a dead orca calf pushes its body near Victoria, British Columbia,

Cutting Chinook salmon from our diets won't be enough to save Southern Resident orcas | king5.com

Female orca in declining health shows amazing signs of recovery

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Chinook salmon swimming

Researchers say Puget Sound orca missing and presumed dead | Q13 FOX News

Critically Endangered Orcas at Risk of 'Extinction Event'

Southern Resident Killer Whales to Benefit from More Than $700,000 in New Grants

With the devastating news about Tahlequah and Scarlet this summer, I found myself longing for a time when their struggles were not a common theme.


Jerilyn Walley/South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group

Salmon, orca recovery important as ever

Orca baby J51 was born in 2015. Research says two-thirds of southern resident killer whale pregnancies are lost. (Valerie Shore/Eagle Wing Tours and ...

Puget Sound orcas could go extinct with more king salmon | Tacoma News Tribune

A killer whale leaping from the water.

Saving The Orca And Salmon - Does Inslee Have The Political Will? | Northwest Citizen

Sea lions have been eating steelhead and other fish at Willamette Falls in ever greater numbers

And while there are ongoing fish passage, habitat restoration, and other projects aimed at benefiting wild Chinook, they may take years to complete.

Orca recovery bills signed by Gov. Inslee bring big wins for salmon habitat, environment

A group of orcas swim off the coast of Washington. (Ken Rea photo)

Orca mother grieving for dead calf inspires push to save dying pods

Protesters call for the removal of dams on the Snake River to help salmon spawn -

West Coast Transient Orcas Are Booming While Resident Orcas In Salish Sea Struggle . News | OPB

A person in waders stands in the stream measuring a salmon carcass that is balanced on

Orcas: Federal scientists struggle to protect endangered species in a complex ecosystem that stretches along

Washington Governor Signs Executive Order to Protect Chinook Salmon & Orcas

Photo courtesy of The Herald

In a newly printed paper, they speculate that the sample is expounded to pink salmon, which return to the Salish Sea between Washington state and Canada in ...


An Orca whale surfs for a moment in the wake of another in Haro Strait,

The first of the Lower Klamath River dams was built 100 years ago (the Copco 1, completed in 1918) and blocked over 300 miles of spawning habitat for ...

DEAN J. KOEPFLER/TACOMA NEWS TRIBUNE VIA TNS. A pod of southern resident orcas ...

Watch: Southern Resident Orcas spotted near Vashon Island

Harbor seals, a favorite prey of transient killer whales, lounge on Sentinel Rock off

Multiple factors stemming from planetary warming are converging to threaten the existence of the iconic orca

Will limits on fishing free up salmon for starving orcas?

Puget Sound orcas face another threat

ADVANCE WEEKEND APRIL 15-16 ** This undated image provided by the

Pink salmon might be a threat to the killer whale population, scientists say

California water plan aims to save Puget Sound orcas | McClatchy Washington Bureau

HUNGER: The decline of salmon adds to the struggle of Puget Sound's orcas ...

Orcas' need for Columbia fish puts them in debate over saving salmon | Idaho Statesman

'Superpod' of Puget Sound orcas wows onlookers | king5.com

Columbia Chinook rate high on stocks needed for orca recovery

southern resident killer whales

J-50, the young whale pictured, was a young southern resident orca that

Even the jellyfish community changed because of The Blob. The sight of this native sea nettle was a relief to researchers in their survey off Washington's ...

Even After a Decade of Protection, Puget Sound's Orcas Are Still Struggling

We All Want Thriving Salmon and Orca – Our Plan to Help Starts at (Their) Home – EAR TO THE GROUND WITH DNR & COMMISSIONER FRANZ

A group of orcas, called a pod, swims together near Whatcom, Washington, 2011 (Photo by Andreina Schoeberlein)