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The first time your chickens go through a molt dropping their

The first time your chickens go through a molt dropping their


The first time your chickens go through a molt, dropping their feathers all over the coop and run, you'll likely do a quick headcount, sure some predator ...

Chicken Molting

Are My Chickens Molting-

Chicken Behavior During Molting... or, Why Have My Chickens Gone Crazy?

Making Sense Of The Molting Process In Chickens

Chickens molting may look like a disaster, and cause a drop in egg production, but there are some things you can do to help them get through it.

Chickens molting in fall

Some chickens don't molt ...

Molting Chicken

If your bird has bald spots, especially near the vent that's NOT molting, it's something else like mites. Chickens do their ...

Chicken are Molting

... the Hipster Hens these days is the fall molt. As summer wanes, the shortening days are a signal to chickens everywhere that it is time to drop their ...

OVERVIEW. If You see your chickens' ...

So there you have it. Ten healthy sources of protein for your molting chickens. Don't panic when you see all those feathers all over the place, just get ...


Why Are My Chicken's Feathers Falling Out?

Making a Case for the Molting Chicken

6 Ways to Give Molting Hens a Protein Boost

Veronica Molts: Veronica, my most heavy-hitting green egg layer, sprouts pin feathers in a patch that was bare skin just a few days ago.

With all this hot and stuffy weather, it's beginning to feel like summer will go on forever, but it will soon be that time of year again – moulting season!

molting chickens

... your hens get through it gracefully. delaware hen molting blog.JPG

First, confirm your hen isn't hiding her eggs and creating a nest outside the coop. Then, before you go looking for an egg thief, here are five factors to ...

Henny molting; Chicken Behavior During Molting... or, Why Have My Chickens

things chickens don't need


... your chickens get through their fall molt. chicken loosing feathers


Chickens love grubs and mealworms. Feeding these high protein dried insect treats during molting, increases the protein fed to the flock.

Moulting chickens? We're here to help!

The shorter days heading into fall bring on the molting season for backyard chickens. During this time, which can last weeks or even months, they drop their ...

Moulting. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The chicken feed itself can also be a tasty meal for area rodents. Most urban predators and rodents are nocturnal and do most of their scavaging at night.

Chicken Molting: Molt Is Coming, Are You Ready?

Anyone that keeps ducks can attest to the moment of shear panic every summer when they go about their morning chores only to find HUGE amounts of fluffy ...

Molting By M.shahzad, M.Rizwan [email protected] Molting is ...


The Molting Process

When you raise chickens, you become accustomed to a flock of molting chickens each fall. The shorter days signal to their bodies to drop their old, ...

Gracie the RIR going through her annual molt

chickens hens molting

Molting occurs with chickens every year.

I started the morning raking up feathers but by the time I was done they had dropped just as many! We are just going to have to deal with the feathers until ...

Chickens 101 - Chicken Molting. Is your chicken losing feathers? Read all about the signs of chicken molting. happymoneysaver.com

chickens are molting

Moulting -Now you see them now you don't

Molting for "dummies"

chicken losing feathers on neck

Chickens Molting During Winter

A stately Barred Rock hen

Molting Chicken

Why do chickens molt?

molting chickens. molting chickens. Photo: My Pet Chicken

chickens hens molting

Understanding Chicken Molt (Moult)

It can be quite alarming when a poultry owner gets a consistent five eggs, daily, from five hens, only to find just one egg for a few days. This sudden drop ...


While it seems natural to worry about your chickens in the winter, they're actually far more comfortable in the cold than you might imagine.

Don't keep your chickens closed up in their coop when it's cold.

7 reasons hens stop laying

Disclaimer: I am NOT a veterinarian, just an animal owner & lover sharing my opinions and experiences. Any advice on caring for animals or diagnosing ...

A sign of molting season

Feathers Flying: What's Going On in the Chicken Yard?

chickens hens molting Shutterstock. Actually, chicks go through ...

The 'pin feathers', their job is to hold the new feathers until they can break through

chickens are molting

If this is your first year keeping hens then don't worry, chickens don't go through a molt until they've reached 18 or so months of age. Your hens will ...

Reasons for Missing Feathers on Backyard Chickens

There is nothing more scary than walking into the chicken coop one morning and seeing feathers EVERYWHERE! The first thing you think is where is my dead ...

... realize that all your hens are fine and dandy, though one of them looks a little, um, less plump with plumage. Welcome to your introduction to a molt!

Understanding the Basics of Bird Molts

Chicken Moult

So what can you do to help your chicken through a molt?

hard molting chicken




How to prepare your flock for molt

Heated Chicken Waterer: What's Best for Your Flock?

Does their diet need to change when molting? While your chickens ...

Molting chicken. If your chickens are going through ...

Barred Rock Molting-Pinfeathers ...

chicken feather loss

No, the chicken on the right was not the victim of an attack, nor is it ill. It is simply molting – the natural state of shedding old feathers and regrowing ...

The moult: why is my chicken losing her feathers?

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Like all birds, budgies have an annual moult

Here are my three buff orpingtons going through a soft molt. 700.jpg

How to Cure a Chicken from Egg Bound

chickens are molting

chicken moult

Chicken and Eggs. Did you go out to your coop this ...

Chickens are funny birds in many ways. They share a common ancestry with Tyrannosaurus Rex. They have a gizzard (and you thought your grandparents made up ...


Image titled Take Care of Chickens Step 26

To promote feather regrowth, provide your flock high protein treats in addition to their regular balanced feed to give them a leg up on the ...