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There were four doorways representing each of the season at the City

There were four doorways representing each of the season at the City


The City Palace in Jaipur is an exquisite maharaja's palace. I wandered around the complex amazed that each section seemed even more impressive than the ...

The Green gate/Leheriya Gate, representing Spring, is dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

Rose Gate, Pritam Niwas Chowk, City Palace. doorway5. The winter season is ...

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The Lotus Gate in the southwest is adorned with dramatic lotus petals and flower patterns. It represents the summer and lord Shiva.

Jaipur City Palace, India by Cait Sith: @Divya Silbermann (Bhaskaran) Reminds me of your wedding shoes : )

summer The beautiful gates of Pritam Niwas Chowk. Rishi Sidhi Pol, gorgeous doorways in

The Rose Gate represents winter and is dedicated to the Goddess Devi.

A close-up of the amazing Peacock Gate, dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Situated in the heart of the city of Jaipur the name itself explains the glory of the place one like to visit once and would like to come again. Yes, it is ...

The Southwest Lotus Gate, dedicated to Shiva and Parvati.


... In the courtyard of Pritam Niwas Chowk in the City Palace, there are four fabulously carved doors like this one -- each representing one of the seasons.

Detail on the Peacock Gate.

Beautifully designed and painted the rose petals act as guards at the main gate which is unique in its own way and these petals surround the statue of God ...


My favorite part of the City Palace, was probably the inner courtyard which houses four beautiful "gates", or doorways. Each doorway represents a different ...

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Empire State Building

Photo-Illustration: Joe Darrow


The Muslim Culture Mural, by local artist Lachlan Chambliss, is a relatively recent edition to the Ithaca Murals family. Each doorway in the mural is a ...


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Interesting Facts about Jaipur that will bring out your Wanderlust

Four millennia ago, a community of 15,000 lived and died in this ancient Sumerian city

The houses and the doors are all found gracing Dublin's equally as famous Georgian Squares, which were laid out during the Hanoverian period in the 1700s as ...


This door provides access to the Dakshinottar Bhitti Yantra, which is an instrument used for observing the different altitudes of celestial bodies.

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Fountain of the Four Rivers and the church of Sant'Agnese in Agone in Piazza

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The courtyard at the Mansingh Palace, Amer Fort, is surrounded by balconies on the first floor and has doors overlooking the central pavilion.

Within this courtyard there are four highly decorated doorways each representing a season of the year.

There is a very informative website that gives you details of the Royalty of Jaipur and I really enjoyed it. Royal Jaipur.

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The four doors of Gurudwara Sahib

Close up of the hotel's facade, 1977. Image via Wikimedia

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In Christianity, the symbolism of Doorways is commonplace. The Virgin Mary is greeted as a door - Salve Porta - in the Ave Regina Coelorum; in the Litany of ...

... of Lotus gate🌸🌸 Inner courtyard of City palace is called Pritam Niwas Chowk. There are four doorways in the walls and each doors represent the seasons ...

There is an impressive baroque house in Kozna Street in Prague, just steps from Old Town Square. It has vivid ochre walls and an imposing entranceway made ...

The last door is a tribute to all the work and filming that has taken place in Belfast. Many of the dedicated Game of Thrones® tours depart from the city ...

The Rose gate or the winter gate similarly has stunning rose flowers work made all over them.

The design of the houses on Merrion Square was typical of the Georgian houses of Dublin and in particular the houses of the Fitzwilliam Estate covering ...

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... representing the four seasons. Door of Ganesh in City Palace - Jaipur, India

Door #2: Old Fourth Ward Skatepark on the BeltLine

The Ganesh Pol or Gate is the entry to the private palaces of the Maharajas. Built under the orders of Mirza Raja Jai Singh, it is

Lamassu from the citadel of Sargon II, Dur Sharrukin

... City Palace

Meridian Gate

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There is a very informative website that gives you details of the Royalty of Jaipur and I really enjoyed it. Royal Jaipur.

Diwan-E-Aam or the Hall of Public Audience is a courtyard that is marked by 27 columns, each with an elephant shaped capital. It also has rooms leading off ...

Maya Architecture

Broadway and Forty-Fourth Street, New York City, 1919. The Museum of

Its Size Is Also Fantastic

Within this courtyard there are four highly decorated doorways each representing a season ...

With three—or maybe four—interlocking frames, the recessed doorframe sets apart the inner room as sacred space.

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According to Monika, if they were at a store or mall in the city, most people wouldn't even care. They are, more or less, just your average, run-of-the-mill ...

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Buffalo City Hall Entrance

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The City Palace in Jaipur has an inner courtyard with four doorways in the walls.

Architect Barbara Chambers has a dutch door at her home in Mill Valley, California.

Fall 2011 — Etc. Magazine — City College of San Francisco

The old bridge in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

There is a very informative website that gives you details of the Royalty of Jaipur and I really enjoyed it. Royal Jaipur.

At first, the importance of this find eluded us, but after restoration—to our astonishment—there appeared a unique rare stone model of a shrine.

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... American Telephone & Telegraph Company Building | by Emilio Guerra

Buffalo City Hall Frieze Facing Niagara Square

The Peacock gate represents winter. The courtyard is overlooked by the Chandra Mahal (Moon Palace) This is a seven storeyed building that contained the ...

The two-headed Roman God Janus.

The Maharaja of Jaipur and his family still live in a separate part of the City Palace. In contrast to the attention the English give their Queen, ...

Pritam Niwas Chowk is the inner courtyard of the City Palace. It has four smaller gates, each themed around the four seasons and dedicated to a particular ...

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Benches seen through the arched corridors at the entrance of Amer Fort present a departure from the usual ornate doorways of the rest of the palace.

Installation view of the doors, on view at Ricco/Maresca. Courtesy of the

And so we come full circle to the present day and the origins of a poster which has become one of the most popular of Irish images.