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These days distracted driving can come in many forms but the all

These days distracted driving can come in many forms but the all


These days distracted driving can come in many forms, but the all-new 2019

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Distracted Driving – Smartphones are Only Part of the Problem

accidents due to distracted driving

How to Prove Fault in a Distracted Driving Case

Distracted Driving: It Can Wait

Young workers are most likely to use their phones while driving – here's how we can change that

Police said fatal and serious injury motor vehicle collisions due to distracted driving are completely preventable and BC RCMP Traffic Services is reminding ...

Old man driving

What is Tennessee Doing to Combat the Rise of Distracted Driving?

... could be possible distractions. Apart from that every driver knows how to check the real speed especially if they have experienced the pretest driving ...

Many of these distractions are things that we do almost every single time we get into our vehicles. Remember that operating an automobile is a huge ...

Shocking Statistics That Will Make You Think Twice About Grabbing Your Phone

Drivers and Legislators Dismiss Cellphone Risks

Turns Out, a Horrifying Number of People Use Their Phones While Driving

Facts about the 100 deadliest days for teens. Summer means fun in the sun. Unfortunately for many young drivers, distractions cause accidents, injuries, ...

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Drivers rank top driver distractions

Distracted Driving Facts

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Distracted Driving Accidents

These days distracted driving can come in many forms, but the all-new 2019

Distracted drivers and cellphones are a dangerous mix, wreaking havoc on the roads

How Could a Better Law Prevent Distracted Driving Accidents in Florida?

Washington State Trooper Marcus Sanchez checks out a woman's cellphone after pulling her over for driving

That way, you still have it should an emergency arise, but you are not as tempted to make a call, take a call or, even worse, start typing a text message.


Property Casualty

A lot of people died on US roads in 2016, but distracted driving is down

Technology is driving us to distraction

NTSB: Distracted driving among Top 10 transportation safety challenges

Distracted Driving

How many of these safe driving tips do you follow?

Distracted Driving Michigan – Where We're At, Where We're (Hopefully) Going

Erie-Insurance-Distracted-Driving-Infographic. “

ticket for using cell phone and driving

A number of recent laws have focused on preventing distracted driving, but the penalties vary from location to location.

In California alone, self-driving cars have been involved in nearly 50 crashes so far in 2018. Why are so many of them rear-ended?

Distracted driving in Canada: Here's how you would fix it

Distracted Driving Awareness


Distracted driver divas: Selfies join texting in the car

Georgia is expected to pass a distracted driving bill, which would make it illegal to

4 Ways Google Assistant Can Keep You Safe in

A short stretch of Temple Street in downtown Portland yields no shortage of drivers using their

Distracted Driving Every ...


Advocates want distracted driving to be as unacceptable as drunk driving

These days, most people play music in their cars from their phones, not the radio. But if you've ever searched for music on Spotify (or Google Play Music) ...

Drivers Could be Held Responsible If Using Phone

drunk driving vs distracted driving accidents

man talking on the phone while driving a car

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This is a really old phone.

New distracted driving law in Washington makes it illegal to hold phone while driving

How to Fight a Cell Phone Ticket in California

NY Cell Phone Texting And Driving Tickets Now Carry 5 Points!

Talking while driving is incredibly dangerous, even when using hands-free, new study finds

Distracted Driving Injury Attorneys - Reyes Browne Reilley - Dallas

Published by Gill Warburton on 17th May 2019

AJC Article: Police ready to enforce Georgia's new distracted driving law

Distracted Driving

Researchers at the University of Utah ask volunteers like Anne McLaren to use a cellphone in a driving simulator. Talking didn't cause a problem, but while ...

FMCSA Distracted Driving

Background on: Distracted driving

1, 2020, motorists could be stopped and ticketed for texting while driving. Florida would join 43 other states that allow drivers to be ...

Distracted Driver Car Accident

Ohio Texting and Driving Rules: Keeping Our Kids Safe | Plevin & Gallucci

WATCH: Transport Minister Marc Garneau will discuss criminalizing distracted driving

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Out of Control. Distracted drivers ...

Texting and Driving Isn't a Millennial Problem. It's an Engineering Problem

Smart phones can be distracting

A report published yesterday showed that 69% of American drivers surveyed said they had talked on a cellphone while ...

Older gentleman and young boy making eye contact with driver before crossing

Reevely: Even tougher penalties for distracted driving coming to Ontario

... “but many of the features added to infotainment systems today have resulted in overly complex and sometimes frustrating user experiences for drivers.”

Parents everywhere are searching for ways to make sure their teens stay safe while driving. For many, the urge to send a text message or stay connected in ...

1 in 4 drivers was on a phone just before crash, study of distracted driving says - Chicago Tribune

Seattle Distracted Driver Accident Lawyers

Scared of driving - how can you overcome your fears?

The front ends of two vehicles after an accident

teen texting and driving

4 Tips to Drive Like a Pro

These days, most people play music in their cars from their phones, not the radio. But if you've ever searched for music on Spotify (or Google Play Music) ...

New distracted driving law aims to stop multitasking

It is a sad fact that the number one cause of accidental death in teens is motor vehicle accidents. In this current age of always needing to be plugged in, ...

The Ultimate List of Driving Statistics for 2019