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Thought provoking video The Solution to Firearm Training Perhaps a

Thought provoking video The Solution to Firearm Training Perhaps a


Thought provoking video. The Solution to Firearm Training. Perhaps a New Militia is the

AP Photo/Charles Krupa

The Legal Way to Seize Guns From Dangerous People

Florida's armed teacher training needs serious improvements

Gun demanding: the psychology of why people want firearms | Dean Burnett | Science | The Guardian

Data from the FBI's Active Shooter Incidents in the United States in 2016 and 2017 report; legal civilian gun carriers tried to intervene in 6 out of 50 ...

After the most recent school shooting, this time at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where a 19-year old gunman was charged with ...

The answer is not more guns

An attendee inspects an assault rifle during the 2015 NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits on April 10, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee.

click to enlarge Seven Days political editor Paul Heintz on Monday with an AR-15 - JAMES BUCK

DON McPHEE 1 - Replica guns and air pistols confiscated from secondary school boys, on

An AR-15 style rifle sits on the counter by Craig Marshall as he assists

America's gun culture: What makes Americans so attached to their weapons?

The Government Will Allow Cody Wilson's Defense Distributed to Distribute Gun-Making Software – Reason.com

Muslims and Their Guns


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I wanted to become an all-American man. So I learned to hunt

.22 rifle .

Sven Liendbaek

How an obsession with homemade eighteenth-century-style rifles brought together a widowed elementary school teacher, a retired married couple, ...

Safety Check: How Can Colleges Address Risk in a Campus Carry Environment? | 2017-04-01 | Security Magazine

I ...

The Gun Debate: What Everyone Needs To Know® 1st Edition

... the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, one year ago. We thought you'd like to read their voices, since they were very clear in wanting to share them.

by the Forward

Facebook Has a Right to Block 'Hate Speech'—But Here's Why It Shouldn't

Representation of Gandhi from the pro-gun blog Everyday No Days Off. (©

The NRA has lent its name to numerous games - 2006's NRA Gun Club is just one example.

China's gun laws attacked after woman jailed for using air rifles at fun fair booth | South China Morning Post


A girl looks at Sig Sauer P320 handguns April 11, 2015 at the 2015 NRA Annual Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

Guns Politics Emily Henderson Yes Or No Gun Laws Should Guns Be Regulated

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No one cares what kind of gun you have: an open letter to gun-

Kansas Campuses Prepare For Guns In Classrooms


A Shot to the Heart

Quartz/Oliver Staley

Peace and order will not return to the Middle East and Africa until we find a

More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws, Third Edition (Studies in Law and Economics) Third Edition

China has seen an alarming spate of police shootings, ever since the government removed a decades-long ban on guns ...

Houston Police Chief Charles A. McClelland Jr., Harris Country District Attorney Devon Anderson and City Attorney Donna Edmundson participated in a panel ...

Irish troops in a trench in 1915AP

Murder at Sea: Captured on Video, but Killers Go Free - The New York Times

Smoke clears as a competitor in the NMLRA's Spring National Championship just fired his muzzleloader in

More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws, Third Edition (Studies in Law and Economics): John R. Lott: 9780226493664: Amazon.com: ...

Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on gun violence on Jan. 30, 2013 (Transcript) - The Washington Post

The machine gun is usually the easy answer to your problems, but it's the dullest way to play.

As a veteran, I'm telling you that allowing teachers to carry weapons is an asinine idea. -CharlotteFive

Should people run away from open-carry activists? A response to a thousand comments

How an archaic 'right' forces students to watch videos about AR-15s

This is Donald Trump's big chance on gun laws -- if he wants to take it - CNNPolitics

Repeal the Second AmendmentRepeal the Second Amendment

about 4 months ago

23-year-old Joe Fortkamp, a student at Eastern Kentucky University who is

The Two-Way

Policy And Change Ktzhu Copy Emily Henderson Guns Yes Or No Graphic Policy Change

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Existential Questions - Why do people hurt each other

Police Officer on Leave After Pointing Gun at Videographer: Two Sides of the Story | Fstoppers

Dan Bilzerian

The AR-15, the gun behind some of the worst mass shootings in America, explained

Gun Control: Guns in America, The Full Debate, More Guns Less Problems?

Gaming platform Steam drops 'Rape Day', a video game about sexually assaulting women, from its store after heated debate | South China Morning Post

Policing in America


This is the, “Challenge Knife,” I won for shooting the best score on Tom's signature, “Casino Drill.” I shot it in 14.75 seconds, clean (no misses).

Dan Bilzerian

Gun Violence Report Data Chart

Real-time ray-tracing isn't something you can really show off in a screenshot. Even in a video, it's underwhelming. Much like high degrees of anti-aliasing, ...

Mexico's Hydra-headed Crime War

Framing Gun Violence As a Public Health Crisis—Part 2

Gun demanding: the psychology of why people want firearms | Dean Burnett | Science | The Guardian

Kindness goes a long way, and if we all made a little more effort to be kinder, maybe less shootings would occur, maybe those who need help won't go ...

You have played off Robert Greene's instructive manual 48 Laws of Power with both your 38 Laws of Powder and 38 Strategies of Raw albums. Was that book a ...

Second Prize Winner of the MasterBuilt Digital Smoker: Koorosh Zahrai!

"This is my wife's birthday present.

There are no plausible options that offer more than the faintest prospect of preventing the next massacre.

More People

Students assemble Lego creations at the workshop.

Jodi Picoult

These guns fire balls packed with a potent pepper mixture meant to disable a shooter. (Cassi Alexandra/For The Washington Post) A saleswoman from SAM ...

Franken on fixing Social Security and Medicare — and why repealing Obamacare is a terrible idea

Britannica Classic: What Is a Short Story?

While the ESA pages do not provide further detail about the “Ukrainian group”, some of the actual participants of the course subsequently took to social ...

Kha Banh in one of his viral videos. Photo: YouTube

Mad Scientist Laboratory

So in the name of gaining knowledge, understanding and to create an important dialogue, I'd love to invite comments from those of you outside of my liberal ...