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Art blog for the soul miles edgeworth gay disaster Phoenix

Art blog for the soul miles edgeworth gay disaster Phoenix


miles edgeworth: gay disaster

Miles Edgeworth

ace attorney - miles edgeworth/phoenix wrightworth/narumitsu

god bless wrightworth | Wrightworth | Phoenix wright, Lawyer, Apollo justice

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Edgeworth and Phoenix.AGAIN I WISH IS THERE!

ace attorney wrightworth - short manga P2

ositia: “ remember when phoenix and edgeworth were in the top 25 nintendo couples in nintendo gamer four years ago cause i sure do ”

based off a Good text post here on tumbler dot com

ace attorney wrightworth - short manga P3

Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright

Visual Novel / Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Phoenix x Miles

Visual Novel / Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice

This is adorable :)>>> Spits out my tea Professor Layton, Videogames

Mafia/Baker AU: First assembly (full) - #AU #complete #MafiaBaker #Meeting | Attorney Online 2019 | Phoenix wright, Mafia, Sketches

ace attorney maya | Tumblr

Ace Attorney fan-art

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Ace Attorney Orchesta Omg this is ridiculous XD

<3 | Phoenix wright, Lawyer, Judge judy

Visual Novel / Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice for All provides examples of:

... ⛸

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Justice for All

ace attorney - miles edgeworth/phoenix wright

Page 1

An early gameplay screenshot of Miles Edgeworth conversing with Zinc Lablanc.

isn't this meme format all the rage

Part of my submission to the "Who's the hobo" contest at Narumitsu. This started out as a 4 panel short to go at the end of my main comic submission and ...

Top 15 Darkest Ace Attorney Moments

Lol Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth

As it so happens, the defendant is none other than Phoenix Wright himself. Taking place three years before he would become a defense attorney himself, ...

... for laughs in the side-comic for Case 4.

I'm excited to see these 5 yr olds again collectively once more. - #excited #Im #olds #year | Attorney Online 2019 | Phoenix wright, Simon blackquill, ...

Ticklish Apollo. Klavier can't resist, haha! Apollo Justice, Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials & Tribulations provides examples of:

Edgeworth and Sebastian Debeste- 64: I really like to think of Edgeworth being a sort of adopted dad to Sebastian, despite their closeness in age.

isn't this meme format all the rage

Maya channels Mia in a comic ...


2.bp.blogspot.com -G5OCif_FUL0 TgR4Y3lq2NI AAAAAAAAANs tcE4mLQthmw s1600 ace-attorney

isn't this meme format all the rage

Page 1

... and tried to pin the crime on Phoenix. However, what she didn't count on was Mia Fey, who exposed her for who she was and got her sentenced to death.

Phoenix Wright, Ereri, Lawyers, Kisses, Gay, Ships, Boats, Blowing Kisses, Kiss

Author has written 4 stories for Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, and Soul Eater.

She started doing everything in her power to usurp the master seat from her niece and Misty's daughter, Maya, by any means necessary, just to see that her ...


Author has written 56 stories for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Pokémon, Prince of Tennis, Detective Conan/Case Closed, Super Smash Brothers, ...

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney provides examples of:

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View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO Phoenix Wright_Cases.jpg, ...

A ridiculously overpowered character who battles Odin level characters regularly who as we have shown has over 4,326 Zeros worth of Joules, ...

Author has written 19 stories for World Ends With You, D.Gray-Man, Kingdom Hearts, Loveless, Fullmetal Alchemist, Misc. Plays/Musicals, and Phoenix Wright: ...

The Reader 11/25/10

... a nine-year-old tour guide and monk-in-training at Tehm'pul Temple. Though taken aback at his impromptu tour guide, Phoenix accompanies Ahlbi to the ...

View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO nvrswtXL4w1r4xdqmo1.jpg, ...

Cast of Snowflakes: As this ◊ image ...

Combined with Kirby's already crazy speed, it would be very hard to blitz him unless you're faster than traveling the Roache Limit between Universes within ...

Author has written 41 stories for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Jackie Chan Adventures, Teen Titans, Naruto, Batman: Arkham Asylum, and Fairy Tail.

Battle Rap Arena!! [Archive] - Page 3 - Epic Rap Battles of History Forum

Normalizing same-sex relationships, giving them a place in the historical narrative even when they weren't accepted… These are new, exciting things for an ...

36KiB, 417x352 ...

http://flagpole.com/images/jpgs/2010/03/24/FP100324 by Flagpole Magazine - issuu

Young Miles Edgeworth and Franziska Von Karma, with Kay randomly in the background :)

isn't this meme format all the rage


Joan of Arc banner. The question is – is the banner in the photo below that worked by Beatrice Gadsby or is it one, representing Joan of Arc, that is known ...



Art Caffe Kenya Bread Station Attendant Job. Art Caffe Kenya Pastry Attendant Job. Job Opportunities At Red Cross Tanzania Society and Belgian Flanders are ...



Author has written 17 stories for Warriors, Naruto, Pokémon, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

weekend free-for-all – May 25-26, 2019

These two pages made me cry because they were so spot on about what it's like when you first discover you might have feelings for someone of the same sex as ...

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The same person who could one shot people using 1/5th the power of the Phoenix Force, a god-like force said to easily be Multiversal in scale so GTFO with ...

click through for 8tracks playlist: "drink to all that we have lost // wrightworth angst"

Artist: naiefae. Summary: The Feys enjoy burgers in the park while Ace Attorney Mr. Wright plays servant and Miles Edgeworth laughs mockingly from his gaudy ...


3DS eShop / GBC

Get Adam and Eve out of Paradise

isn't this meme format all the rage

... Total Drama series, Yu-Gi-Oh, Blackadder, Harry Potter, Hetalia - Axis Powers, Web Shows, Crooked Man, Homestuck, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, ...

San Japan - mach 5 - August 10th-12th, ...

Image result for Quintember by Richard Major

Ace Attorney logic by ~Berendsnors-Fanart

3DS eShop

Beware the Silly Ones

A rustic labourer wearing a smock frock, 1814

Card Games on Surfboards in VR

Everyone reacts well, except for Mako. But Mako doesn't react poorly! What's exciting about Mako's reaction is that it hints at further discussion about how ...