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No crappy plastic cups and no one loses their cup they can take them

No crappy plastic cups and no one loses their cup they can take them


That red plastic cup is a Chicago original. Proceed to party.

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coffee cup composite

The Best Liquid Measuring Cups

[200 SETS] 20oz Clear Plastic Disposable Cups with Lids- Premium Large 20 ounces

Air New Zealand Reusable Cups

Solo Cup

You can make excellent work, but if your photography is bad no one will notice how good the work is because they will not be able to see it.

student drinking games. Isn't it ...


Reusable Plastic Cup Drinkware Tumblers - 4 Assorted colors break resistant 20 oz dishwasher safe drinking

Disposable Coffee Cups Stacked by The Binners' Project (Used with permission.)

Recup: an end to disposable paper cups.

cups on a table

Courtesy of Starbucks

Have you ever used a menstrual cup? Let me tell you, they are amazing! So freeing. There were so many things that I loved about menstrual cups right off the ...

Government and schools will no longer buy single-use plastic cups, cutlery and straws

Our re-usable bottle pick is Consol Glass's Grip & Go range. Glass products are the ultimate environmentally friendly option: 100% recyclable, ...

Image: Menstrual cups and toxic shock: no need for panic but rinsing is not

My next step was to bring my own plate, bowl, and glass to work so I wouldn't have to use paper plates or plastic cups. I didn't provide these things for ...

We have a little kitchen and make our own lunches. But the “tableware” we use is mainly paper or plastic. Numerous plastic knives, forks, spoons, and cups ...

We won't save the Earth with a better kind of disposable coffee cup | George Monbiot | Opinion | The Guardian

Reusable cups from Recup with local imagery

Bhar, small cups made of clay, are a traditional, all-natural alternative

Disposable Coffee Cup Trash, by the Binners Project, used with permission.

From cheap styrofoam to ceramic to expensive bone China to plastic and even 20-dollar thermoses, everyone who drinks coffee has their favorite "Caffeine ...

best red solo cup games

Back in February, we covered the trademark dispute between the U.S. Army and the Las Vegas Golden Knights professional ice hockey team.

A collection of pink and blue plastic straws

Why should you never have tea or coffee in a plastic coffee

The Best Menstrual Cup


Stainless Steel Travel Mug

How to Get Smells and Stains Out of Tupperware

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Choose a few that seem doable and that will make the most impact. No one can do it ...

Throwaway culture has spread packaging waste worldwide: here's what to do about it

The Best Travel Mug

Keurig's attempt to 'DRM' its coffee cups totally backfired

Toiletries Bottles

The amount of plastic in the ocean is estimated to be roughly 250,000 square miles which

A Brewing Problem

That's all it takes to make less waste. Here are 10 no-to-low cost changes you can start today!

Coffee Cup Revolution, by the Binners Project, used with permission.

18 fun things to do with plastic cups - keep kids entertained for hours!

A good tea cup for good tea

best espresso cups

Cups with paper straws

Hack the 'disposable' plastic cup

How A New Chinese Policy is Causing a Recycling Nightmare in the US

The Best Cheap Coffee Maker

Our staff love their own 100% biodegradable Ecoffee Cups and sustainable glass and cork KeepCup travel mugs. There are plenty of high-quality glass, ...

Beer ...

The plastics crisis is more urgent than you know. Recycling bottles won't fix it

A Reason investigation reveals that the coffee giant's new cold drink lids use more plastic than the old straw/lid combo.

The dark side of k-cups- health environmental and financial problems

Cupping in progress

Humanity has manufactured a lot of plastic since the 1950s, and most of it ends up in landfills or nature. Deposit Photos. No ...

Mistakes You Probably Make When Brewing Coffee

Download & print THIS!

The Best Keurig Machine (But We Really Don't Recommend It)

No one likes taking a sip of their hot/cold drink only to find out it has gotten lukewarm. In an effort to remedy this globally felt issue, we have compiled ...

Keurig K Cup Coffee

Plastics in trash

Three measuring cups of varying sizes are lined up.

Reusable Cups at the Wellington Marathon

Eat Your Food, and the Package Too

Plastic-free kids' party: an 8 step guide on how to do it without being the fun police

teen adult red solo cup games

POKITO COLLAPSIBLE CUP: £13.97 from Amazon squashes down to a third of a size

Thermos travel cup

Love Keurig? Not one bit.

Almost everything we liked about the Nuk Magic cup also applies to the Munchkin – Miracle 360. That's good, because you might not be able to find the Nuk in ...

Plastic lining of coffee cup

Only 14% of plastics are recycled – can tech innovation tackle the rest?

A pack of two travel flatware sets (complete with their own protective pouches!) because there's no need to trash some disposable plasticware each and every ...

When Keurig came out with its new Keurig 2.0 coffee makers the company apparently saw it as the next step for its brand. But not all customers are seeing it ...

Every major shopping chain offers reusable bags as an option and we particularly love those made from recycled materials. Other amazing locally made bags ...

Ecoffee travel cup

From learning to use straws to proper cups these will help children move on from bottles

EC: Which Travel Mug Keeps Drinks Warm the Longest?